Whatever the problem seems to be, it’s already been solved. Ego will speak to you of many different problems each day. When you believe you are in time and space, the problems seem to be present moment, but every problem is always in the past, never now. The problem seems to be now, but this is only illusion.

Are you willing to see proof that every problem has already been solved? Ask to be shown, and you will be shown. Whenever you seem to experience a problem, remember this: It’s done. It’s over. It’s already been solved. Time and space are over, and harmony is eternal. Simply ask us to show you how this is so, and you will be shown. You need not struggle over what has already been resolved.

Being willing to see proof that the problem has already been solved requires no future focus and no attempts to solve the problem on your own. If there are actions for your character to perform in this drama, the actions will flow through the character. They do not have to be planned. Actions need not be part of a campaign to prove anything to anyone. Simply allow Spirit to prove to you that all problems are in the past, and all problems have been met by the one solution that shines them away.

An action can only feel like a burden when you’re doing it because you decided to. The you that is not the true you always carries the signature of tension, effort, and specific goals. It is a you in opposition to all the other yous across time and space. It must carry hostility and doubt with it. If you are aware of hostility and doubt, no matter where it seems to come from, false-you is in charge of what you are experiencing and perceiving. Ask again to be shown: Show me that all problems have been solved. Begin again from this setting, as many times as you need to. Eventually, you will recognize it as Home.

But there is nothing wasted. Let’s say that you, identifying as the false self, decide to carry out an action. All along the path of this action are strung little beads, each one an invitation into prayer and release. You recognize the invitation to prayer first by noticing any feeling of disquiet, any whisper of tension. As soon as you notice, the ego will make an attempt to tell you or show you that the source of the disquiet is in the world. Learn to sit quietly through ego’s attempt to fool you.

Go in–in to prayer, and in to where all of your divine siblings exist eternally in harmony. Do not allow the various costumes they wear in the world to fool you. Here, within, they are all the same. Here, within, is the true solution to that feeling of disquiet, and it is a solution that has already been carried out successfully. All the work has been done. Rest, and allow the Spirit to move you from here.

We rest eternally with you, and we bask always in the joy that you Are.

Photo by Margriet Hassink

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