Manipulation and inspiration

Manipulation is a cloud covering inspiration. More accurately, the perception of manipulation is a cloud covering up inspiration. The idea that you are a separate self manipulating separate components goes along with the idea that there are other separate selves that manipulate separate components. When you believe this to be true, you believe your world is real, has weight and value, and is a place where harm is likely. The perception of separate selves means the perception of separate autonomies.

Underneath this cloud of perception of manipulation is inspiration. Inspiration would simply carry you through the dream until you dream no longer. Inspiration carries you without the weight and torment of assigning separate meanings and values to perceived-as-separate things.

Whenever you attempt to use something for your own ends, it is a defense of the separate self. It is a defense merely by the nature of the perception. The you believed in is a separate you. This you has wants, and its function is to get what it wants. Whenever you feel disquiet or discomfort in any way, you are aligned with this perception of a false you. If you’re looking at yourself through a warped lens, you are looking at all you call other through a warped lens. Are you willing to have your vision corrected?

If you really believe the form matters, then it does until it doesn’t. Any time you experience stress, it is a reflection of your belief that form matters. Notice and offer. Notice and offer. Notice that you believe form matters, and then offer the belief up. Inspiration, a wave that carries you without the weight of judgment or deciding, comes in to replace the beliefs you thought you needed.

If you know something about things, you can use those things against other things. The things aren’t real, and the using is only significant at the level of mind. All of experience is unfolding in the mind. The thoughts you believe about this dream are most important–not anything you could judge about the dream itself. You don’t actually know anything about any separate thing, because there are no separate things. There’s a letting go in seeing that. Any stress comes because you think you know a thing about a thing. When you find yourself in this condition–feeling stressed because you think you know a thing about a thing, go here:

It is your false certainties that you use to terrify yourself. Do you feel safe falling into the arms of that which would carry you without any of your false certainties? Would you throw away a pack of lies in order to have no cares? If you ever feel discomfort, it is because you are believing that a lie gives you safety. The lie is safe with us, in our hands. In place of the lie, we supply that which carries you in safety and love.

It is our great joy to relieve you of the burden of what you never needed. Thank you for offering it to us.

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