Focus upon Truth

Everyone has always loved everyone. This is the Truth hiding underneath the illusion. If you are experiencing the illusion, it is always because you chose it. If you believe you see anything different than the extension of love everywhere, your choice has everything to do with it. We tell you this not to place blame, but so you can see where a shift needs to occur–in your decision about what you want. Blame is part of this illusion that you chose to experience as real. In Reality, blame never existed.

What you experience is due to your choice. Allow this to sink in. What you experience is due to your choice, making victimhood impossible. You do have the power to see the extension of love everywhere, because that is the power that belongs to all at all times.

We are all joined eternally. There is no way any of us can not love each other, no matter what seems to happen in an illusion, no matter what anyone seems to feel. The feelings of this illusion belong to this illusion. They are a false back and forth, obscuring the eternal Joy that you and all Are. Whenever you experience a desire about form, you can go deeper into the desire to see the Joy that all Are right now.

Love is not given from one to another, although it seems to be. All Are Love, and Love is what connects all. In other words, there is only Love with no separation anywhere or anywhen. Affirming your desire to see what is Real is what brings this awareness of Love everywhere. It only has to be uncovered. When you think you have a desire in form, there is always this deeper desire to see Love everywhere. You can focus your attention here, and then form takes shape without your effort.

The call of joy can take you anywhere. There is nothing you need to decide or try to remember about where joy is or isn’t. Judgment would separate out and sort and say that you have the means to decide what form is. You do not, but that is to your advantage. You do have this ability: Allow what is Real to shine through every form, with no exceptions. Value what is Real, and allow time and space to be used by the divine to teach you what is Real until you need no more lessons.

The entire world of the senses was designed by ego to be a place of joylessness and death, but there was never a moment when you didn’t have the power to allow joy to shine through it everywhere. Time is now for the purpose of reconnecting you with the ability that you and all have always had.

It is live-giving and energizing to have the mind focused upon Truth. It is fatiguing and depleting to have the mind focused upon the illusion, which was designed (by you, in innocent confusion) to be fatiguing and depleting. Take responsibility for any experience of confusion, and you will allow yourself to be helped out of it. As long as you believe that there is truly anything outside of you that could deplete and harm you, you elect to stay in the fantasy of death. It’s silly to stay when it isn’t real, isn’t it? So take the hand of the Divine, and allow yourself to be guided Home. This is what every moment is for: Taking the hand of the Divine and allowing yourself to be guided.

You are held. You are loved. You are carried. We rejoice that this is so for all.

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