The sight of harmonic function

What was gilt becomes recognizable as guilt. You become aware that the shiny, “wantable” exterior will never bring you happiness, so you become very interested in what beams behind it. What beams behind, and potentially through, everything–it is the same. It is in this benign sameness that you find both your safety and the power you share equally with all.

Be willing to be brought into the sight of all assigned functions as harmonic. All beings have an assignment. They help their divine siblings to remember who they are. You light up the path to divine assignment when you are willing to be brought fully into your own. Recognize that you carry out your divine assignments harmonically, and you have no need to shine particularly, in relation to one whose light is dimmed in order to show a separate you to best relative advantage. Find your willingness to look out upon an entire world that shines instead.

If you’re unwilling to allow your divine siblings to step into divine assignment with you, you’re unwilling to be carried into divine assignment, as you perceive it. Rejoice that all have a divine function, and be willing to see all happily supported in their function with you.

In every encounter, you’re either willing or unwilling to board the ark of peace with your partner. Any feeling of disquiet means that you are temporarily unwilling. There is a remedy for temporary unwillingness, and it is this you need. Ask for the remedy for yourself. When you accept the remedy, the sight of your divine sibling is transformed. They are not here to define a separate you through comparison. They are here to shine with you right now, and there is no danger in allowing the shining that is so natural.

When someone “out there” seems to be analyzing something, and you reflect upon how useless it is to analyze, remember that they are detailing (as in deep cleaning) your mind–working in service to all to help you allow clarity of mind to dawn. Their seeming actions reflect the contents of your mind, not theirs. It is a service. Why is this so? There is only one mind, and it is yours. Any block to love that you seem to see out there in a world informs you of a block to love that you hold in your own mind.

Shining is our nature. Shining is the true nature of all. We rejoice to see you awaken to this. We rejoice to see you finding your safety, your happiness, and your power in it.

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