Carried by the unlimited

There is no actual reason not to have peace. Every time you believe you are looking upon an actual reason for loss of peace, you are looking upon an illusion. This is exactly the moment to reach out for help.

One trap is analysis of others–thinking you know the flaws of others, thinking you know where they go wrong. If they can seem to disturb your peace in any way by going wrong as they seem to, you are looking upon illusion. When you realize you are looking upon illusion and giving it significance, you can ask for help. Another comical layer of this trap is looking at one who seems to analyze others and believing that it is unfortunate that this one analyzes others. Here, too, you are looking upon illusion. Ask to be shown what is Real.

The trap has many layers. Do not fall for any of them. You do need to give up being right about any aspect of the illusion. It’s not possible to be right about something that doesn’t exist. It is possible to be led through the illusion to the light. Give up being right, and you are led to the remembrance of light.

We stretch out our hands and ask you to turn over two concepts today–ahead and behind. Are you willing to give those to us? Is there anything precious or necessary or special about managing the perception of ahead and behind by yourself? If you are looking upon a separate figure, you are looking upon an illusion. If you further label that separate figure, you are piling illusion upon illusion. You cannot find happiness in illusion.

It is impossible to look upon figures who appear separate and to decide that one is ahead while another is behind. If you believe you have this ability, you walk further into illusion. It is possible to have gratitude for all those you call other. When you have gratitude, you have gratitude without exception. Everyone is helpful–no exceptions. Ask to see how this is so, and you walk into gratitude.

Today you can see every circumstance seeming to surround everyone as an advantage. You can see a circumstance as a spike pointing toward one and limiting one, or you can see a circumstance as a helping hand reaching through limit to pull one through and out of the perception of limit. You walk through a world of limits, and experience can help you transcend your perception of limit. See all experience as a means to transcend perception of limit, not as a means to be limited, and you focus upon the helpfulness of experience. In this way, all of your experiences become helpful to you, and you see all as helped by all they experience.

If you don’t know what circumstance you’re going to step into next, and you don’t try to manage anything, the unlimited carries you. The unlimited carries you, and the unlimited doesn’t see any circumstances as a limit. Carried by the unlimited and free of limiting perception, you are assisted through all experience.

Keep no secrets from Spirit. If you’re trying to handle any situation yourself, you are treating it as Real and you will not allow Spirit to transform your perception of it. When you remember that you Are Spirit, and Spirit can handle everything for you, there is nothing you need to manage. This handover of power from the image of what you pretend to be to the actuality of what you Are–this can be an awkward and intense time, but you are assisted every step of the way. To have faith that you are assisted to is gift all you call other with the perception of the assistance always available to all.

We are here to assist you as you allow us, and we give thanks for all the assistance you accept. We never leave, and it our joy to assist.

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