Ground for the blossoming of all

It seems there is a limit to clock time, and therefore a limit on what can be done through you. Clock time is a perceived limit. When thoughts of limits perceived arise in the mind, don’t grab on. Allow them to float up and up and up, until they disappear. They don’t have to mean anything if you don’t make anything of them, if you don’t grab onto them and use them as tools.

In any situation, remember to stop and see the genuine strength of every being before you try to handle the situation yourself from a perception of weakness. What truly Is–it’s present everywhere. If you forget every past perception of every seeming component of a situation, those components are free to show up as they truly Are and always have been. Strength and power Is. It’s present everywhere. Are you ready to see? You’re very safe when true strength and power emanate from everyone and everything without exception. You do not have to try to hold that back through judgment and through remembrance of a past.

Remember to stop and call upon the sight of the true Beauty of every being in a situation before you attempt to trudge through your own perception of ugliness. You can let that go now. You can let past perception go. Beauty is alive everywhere. Is there any reason not to see it come alive? If you hold onto a past perception of a person, you also hold off the moment when beauty emanates from them, as them. There is no reason to delay. No reason to hold off or hold back.

In a situation that seems to be permeated with a lack of ease, remember that comparative ease (yours next to someone else’s) is nothing at all. Your own dis-ease is being shown to you in story form when it seems to be present in someone else. You can agree to allow deep and true ease emerge from within each character, from within the situation itself, from you. All have the ability to call upon what is Real. What is Real in us one is Real in us all. Whatever seems to appear in front of your eyes–it’s either the story of a past that you can release now, or it’s the Joy that you Are eternally with All.

Every perceived situation is a ground for the blossoming of all. It isn’t here to be gotten through. It’s here to assist you and all. Every situation you’re in–it’s a gift. There is nothing to avoid, and nothing further on in time that you’d rather move on to. Focus on the gifts present everywhere, and see blossoming everywhere.

It is our joy to help you see things as they Are. We thank you for allowing us to serve.

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