Thoughts are relationships

Your thoughts about others are your relationships with them. Think of this. You need not fret about any perceived past. You need not manage any perceived present. You need not strive to be good enough within any relationship you perceive. Simply look at your thoughts. Those are your relationships. Allow the thinking to shift, and all perceived problems resolve. Allow all relationships to become beautiful ones by allowing all thoughts to become beautiful.

The perception of a problem solved by struggle–this implies that time is real. We want to share with you that you only shift into a perception of no-problem and problem-solved. When you ask your ego to tinker with a problem, you ask to be held in the perception of problem. Ask instead to be conducted into the perception of no-problem and problem-solved. It is only your perception that needs to shift. Nothing Real has ever shifted, and this is the stable ground from which you request perception change.

Allow your thinking about everyone and everything to be made holy. Unholy thoughts don’t feel good. They disturb. They also tell you about a world that isn’t here. It seems to be here, and you still need to be conducted through and out of the perception of it. Thoughts will come that serve you and all in this way. Thoughts conduct you through perceived doings, but they are holy thoughts, and they do not disturb. They merely show you the way in a way that makes it easy and obvious for you to follow.

You can take all the anxious pressure off you viewed-as-person to enact anything at all. The enactments that come from holy thoughts are effortless. Ask for thought that makes perceived action effortless and obvious.

You can take all the anxious pressure of all viewed-as-persons to enact. Remember, what you see with physical eyes is only perception, not fact. You do not need to lean particularly on any seen-as-separate figure to enact in particular ways. Rather, when these thoughts come up, it is time to rest in peace and to ask for thoughts of peace. Thoughts of and from peace carry you through the perception of action–seen as yours and as others’–in peace.

All as it appears right now–it’s still okay. All under the surface is truly well. Allow the surface to reflect the Real through your thinking. Allow your thinking to shift through your willingness to see the Real in everyone and everything.

We are conductors. Conductors of symphonies direct all in harmony. Conductors of electricity allow flow. Train conductors ensure a smooth and safe journey. We show you that our shared Self is conducted in all things by Love. It is our joy to serve you as you remember how to serve all.

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