Same as all

Every situation you seem to be in–how you’re interpreting it is an indicator of which kind of perception you have requested. You can request fear-based perception or love-based perception. If you feel tension of any kind, you have requested fear-based perception, and you can stop to ask for a reset. Stopping to ask for a reset is more important than the many things you think you do every day.

Every situation that you seem to be in–it’s for the purpose of learning to ask for Spirit-perception consistently. The stop–the stop is most important. Rolling along in your perception of action, you will often believe that you “need to get things done” and will continue to roll along in tension because your belief in the reality of your doings is so strong.

Every situation you seem to be in–it’s for the purpose of relaxing and unfurling out of tense defense. Everyone you seem to be with and everyone who comes to mind–they are your learning partners as you learn to relax into the Love you have always been. Thank your partners, for thanks is all they deserve.

When you seem to meet another ego and you get along, you agree to value the other as separate while maintaining the lines of tense defense between you. It is no problem to have made this agreement, because in this moment you can drop all past agreements.The ones you perceive as people no longer need to get used as tools to maintain an image of a separate you. You can just thank them, mind-to-mind, for how they are assisting as you allow the painful images of separate-you and separate other to be undone.

Whatever the “other” seems to do–it’s helpful. It lets you know where your mind is focused.You can focus on a surface of separate images and feel the tension of that, or you can focus where you are joined in love with all and feel the peace of that. From this deep peace comes inspiration that guides and supports.

Ego will tell you how you and the perceived other are different from each other. Ego will tell you how you and the perceived other are the same as each other but different from others. Spirit will tell you how you are the same as all. Spirit will hold your hand as you sink into the sameness that can never be changed or damaged. You do not need tense defense. It is safe to sink into the sameness.

You do not have to do anything to earn our love. We are happy to just be with you, and we are full of joy as you see the value in those you call others–a value unrelated to what they seem to be doing. This is a value that can never change, as yours can never change.

Photo by Silvestri Matteo on Unsplash

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