The heart song of All

If you forgive someone, here is what you’re saying:
I am allowing what you aren’t to disappear.
I am allowing what you Are to make itself clear.

This is the power you have. This is the power everyone perceived as “else” has equally. It is the only real power anyone has. There is only love, and all have the power to allow Love to make itself clear in any situation, through anyone, and through anything.

See a staple. See the love that is within that staple and join with it, knowing yourself to be one with it. Feel the relief of letting go of the effort to hold yourself apart from love.

See a person. See the love that is within that person and join with it, knowing yourself to be one with it. Feel the relief of letting go of the effort to hold yourself apart from love. Now whatever is happening on the surface has no meaning anymore. All of the meaning is in your joining, and you are safe in rejoicing here.

Go to this thought: I am more or less this or that than anyone else. See this thought as a door. Open it up. What is behind it? Only love. Only what is real. There is no need to play on a surface, trying to make the separate entity you call you more or less of anything. You are everywhere, in everything, and it is your joy to join with everything. Join first. If action is needed, it flows.

If someone compares you favorably with another human, you think you have reached a stable shore. It is a shore of nothingness. There, on the opposite shore, is someone comparing you unfavorably with another human. The back-and-forth of the surface is the back-and-forth. If you are on one shore, you will bounce over to the other shore. The back-and-forth is fatiguing.

Prior to the back and forth–here is the incomparable. This is where you are with everyone and everything. Here is stability. Here is stillness. Here is happiness. Behind the surface of anything you perceive is this light, plentiful and abundant, the place of joining where you can stay. This is what allows you to delight in everything.

As you perceive yourself in a situation, remember this: You can, right now, dedicate this situation to the remembrance of the shared and equal nature of all. As you trust your fellow beings as fulfilling their part in this situation perfectly, you will experience the happiness of fulfilling your part perfectly. As you give trust, you sink into trust, and sinking into trust is joy. Trust and joy are prior to the back-and-forth, and they are always here for you. If they are here for you, they are here for all at all times. Be very much With everyone and everything perceived in any situation, and Truth can sing through everything for the benefit of all.

You’re always choosing what you want to see, and then you’re seeing it. When ego sends a thought, you can believe it. Then you can dedicate a situation to seeing what is separate instead of what is Real. This is your choice. When you feel the distress of having decided to see through the lens of separation, you can remind yourself of this: I am willing to see a reflection of what is Real.

As we sing to you now, what is Real will sing to you through every aspect of every scene in the drama that you perceive. We delight in the beautiful music–the heart song of all–that you allow to flood your experience.

Photo by Dmytro Tolokonov on Unsplash

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