The heart song of All If you forgive someone, here is what you're saying: I am allowing what you aren't to disappear. I am allowing what you Are to make itself clear. This is the power you have. This is the power everyone perceived as "else" has equally. It is the only real power anyone has. There is only … Continue reading The heart song of All

Here are your wings

We invite you to turn the dial on your radio station to Reality. There is only love. When there's just one thing, nothing can manipulate or control the one thing. Nothing can dominate the one thing because there is nothing which is not the thingness itself. Nothing can come from outside and affect the one … Continue reading Here are your wings

Forgiveness and understanding making vs. creating

Stress and anxiety are indicators that we have not forgiven ourselves. As we understand making vs. creating, we can accept the invitation into wholeness that every event brings us. Part 2 includes an exploration of insanity as an invitation to sanity--remembering who we are. Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash