Remembering Harmlessness

You didn’t make it up. You remembered it.

Your memory of who and what you and all are, of what everything you see is–it’s coming back online now. Sometimes the strife of the world seems more real than this fresh remembrance. But remember that this Reality of all that steps forward in your mind–you didn’t make it up. You are remembering it. It is Real, and you are remembering it.

It is the strife of the world that is unreal, and remembering this empowers all. If you believe that the strife of the world is real and therefore powerful, you give it power over you and all you call other, and then experience comes to prove you right. Would you like to be proven right about the fact that light shines in and through everyone and everything?

Comparing outers leads to misery. The outer surfaces you see are not and can never be real, so acting as if they are real always brings disquiet. Remembering what is alive and active behind every surface–this brings peace. This brings rejoicing. Releasing the light of truth to shine into the world from every form you see–this brings happiness. You have this power when you step out of judgment. You can judge the configuration of forms, but when you realize that every form has a great gift behind the surface, then rejoicing is in order, no matter what you think you’re looking at.

Remembering sameness and harmlessness provides relief. Sameness is what truly exists behind every surface. Harmlessness is alive even within a form that looks very harmful to you. On your say-so, that harmlessness makes itself apparent. If you are busy insisting upon the reality of harm in the world, that harmlessness waits for your permission to make itself known.

Remembering what is Real conveys upon you and all you see the the qualities you see and the states of mind you experience. Choosing to treat the unreal as real does the same. Remembering the Real brings happiness. Choosing to treat the unreal as real leaves you chasing forms of seeming happiness that never truly fulfill. Your true happiness is within everyone and everything you see, just waiting to be released.

Before images were experienced, no image had the power to distress. An image is only an outer coating. Whether it seems to be positive or negative, it is not and can never be the reality of what you are looking upon. Find your willingness to see through all kinds of gift wrap, no matter what ego tells you its quality is. Thoughts from ego will have you attempting to feed upon or reject all the different surfaces you see. Thoughts from Spirit will have you activating that sameness that is alive behind all images, allowing it to shine forth.

We rejoice as you remember your shared and benign power. We rejoice as you recognize your reason to rejoice.

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