No power in tension and turmoil

This strange hatred is not you or anyone else. When we say “this strange hatred,” we mean the force you feel that is associated with pain and tension, an inward cringe or an outward attack. It is a false surface you encounter because you wanted to encounter false surfaces.

Any feeling of tension you encounter during your day, any inward cringe, it is the influence of this strange hatred, and it is important to remember that it only seems to be here because you find a sense of safety, definition and identity in it. We remind you so you can remember to see the equality of beings as more real than any victim scenarios that seem to play out.

Any particular characteristic is an imprisonment. To want particular characteristics for yourself, other than what you actually Are, is suffering. To want to see particular characterstics in those you call other–that’s suffering. The remembrance of what they actually Are and always have been is joy.

To see in another what you believe you do not have for yourself is to decline to see what is Here for you both, prior to and beyond the imprisoning of surfaces. You see different surfaces. And you believe that these different-seeming surfaces represent different powers and lack of power. Today is for the undoing of this belief in different powers and lack of power.

Tension is the feeling of ego marshalling its forces, and you giving power to those forces. When you feel tension, you are giving power to that which feeds you an illusion of suffering. You have become addicted to this food that delivers suffering, but help is here in every moment. Help helps you see that you are fully fed already. You already have everything you need in what you Are, and in the sight of that in others. As you see what you Are in others, you experience it in yourself.

Turmoil is a signal that you have an opportunity to leave a thought from ego behind, and ego is sending many other thoughts to which you are still attached to preserve your attachment to this thought which is flapping in the breeze. Let the thought flapping int he breeze go. It doesn’t matter what other thoughts ego sends your way. You can let those go, too. Then the breeze of inspiration whispers in, and it handles everything.

We see you, we delight in you, and we love that you are remembering who we Are together.

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