The power of what is here today All day long you have nothing but opportunity to allow misperception to be swept away. Every situation you are in is a gift. Every being you meet is a gift. All are given to you to help your mind clear, so give thanks. Any pain or suffering is misperception, and all misperception can be … Continue reading The power of what is here today

Stay where it shines You have within you a power that transcends all physical laws. This power is equally within all. We often refer to the treasure upon which you sit, even as you lament something you are projecting with thought. It is this: The power you Are can never be taken from you, and it is limited … Continue reading Stay where it shines

Power beyond all cause and effect

Wow! This one just blasted through and required deep honesty for the receiving of it. Feels like a deep cleanse and a very kind reorientation. 💜 Emanate. Feel the energy of that. Emanation is all you are capable of doing. You are Love, and your natural function is to extend love. The same is true of … Continue reading Power beyond all cause and effect

Seeing, sharing and activating power and innocence

This truly is all about dropping all the clock time we're spending on reactivity and allowing the creative power of love to radiate outward into our storylines. Going deep into our perceptions to allow release of what we don't need,. Accepting inspired thought, speech and action. Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash