Deeply cared for

We wish to go into the nature of what it means to care. You can look at caring as a natural expression, a flow, a reflection of the Creator’s love for all beings, a reflection of how all beings are loved and supported by their Source. Caring extends naturally, as fragrance from a flower. It requires no effort. What does require effort is the release of fearful thought that blocks the expression of this caring that is natural to all.

Let’s look at caring from the egoic perspective. You can care, with worries and anxieties, in the sense of having troubles and cares. Then you look out upon a world that reflects those troubles and cares back to you. As you look out upon the world, and you believe you see something wrong, remember that the world you see is a map of your mind, and where there appears to be something wrong, you can allow healing that corrects your perception. Give thanks that you are able to see where healing is needed, and give thanks that you are able to accept and share healing.

Let’s play chicken and egg. Which came first? You seem to have troubles and cares, and here you see a world. Where is the cause, and what is the effect? The first fearful idea is the cause, and the world you see is the effect. For the remedy, you must look at the cause in fearful thought. The cause of any problem perceived cannot be a world that is the effect. The cause is that first fearful thought. And whose thought is it? Your thought, always yours. As the seer, it is your fearful thought that caused the world you see. The remedy is at the level of the fearful thought.

Looking upon a world made by your fearful thought, you can insist that you don’t care, while at the same time feeling the disquiet of worries and anxieties. It doesn’t matter which fearful version of caring you look at–its seeming presence or its seeming absence. Both are illusion. Remember how to see through both of these illusions because of your ability to feel. Whenever you feel disquiet, you are looking upon something that you would do well to look through. Beyond the false surface fear built is the light, shining eternally. Rest quietly, and look through to the light. Looking through fog to light requires no analysis. You only have to look.

You can care in the sense that you are open to being helpful, ready to listen, ready to follow guidance. Your genuine caring doesn’t have to include anguish, condemnation, and judgment. Your genuine caring blossoms when you remember your genuine gratitude toward all beings. Gratitude does not have to be manufactured. It is remembered. And it is remembered because you allow it.

As you look through the fog of illusion toward light, you can affirm this:
You are not my invention of aggressor.
You are not my invention of victim.
I am not my invention of aggressor or victim.
I am willing to see You as You truly Are and always have been.
I give thanks for You, and as I give thanks for You, I remember that we are all deeply cared for in all things.

You can remember that you are wholly cared for in all things, and look out into a world that reflects that back to you. No need to fear your reflection. Your reflection is caused by your forgetting and remembering. As you remember who you and all Are, there is no need to fear or condemn any reflection. It is effect, and you know the cause in your own thinking.

We rest in the the wholly caring, and we see you in the same embrace forever. You can see all encompassed in this embrace today.

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