Remember that you are one with it now

Everything you look upon is a reflection. What do you want to see reflected? Do you want to see your innocence? Do you want to see the innocence of all you call else?

You can be attracted to something “out there” and want it for yourself, thinking that you don’t have it yet and can get it from out there, or you can remember that you are one with it. Whatever you are looking upon, you are one with it. You are not one with its surface. You are one with its essential being, and that’s why it is not necessary to judge any surface you look upon. You are simply with all, always.

When you do judge, you will feel pain, and that pain is the call to go in and find the thoughts to which you are attached. You don’t need them. The pain told you so.

You can be replulsed by something you see “out there,” thinking that you must escape from it or shut it out, or you can recognize that you’re just looking at your own self-hatred that covers up love. Become curious about the love underneath. Become willing to see the love underneath. It is always here, waiting to shine forth.

Whether you are attracted or repulsed, you are actually in Heaven with whatever you are looking upon, only you’re seeing a different coating and a different place because you wanted opposites. Take the invitation to see sameness everywhere, the sameness of the light and love that all truly Are, and you don’t need to feel pulled back and forth by the perception of opposites.

You always get to see what you wanted to see. No matter what you look upon, you served it to yourself. Look past the surface to the geniune safety and harmlessness that is alive behind every surface, and feel safe forever.

You and all are wrapped and held in safety, and it is only a bad dream that would tell you otherwise. Face the aspects of your dream head-on, recognize them as nothing, and see the power you Are and always have been shining behind each and every one of them.

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