You are already One

Just let it all collapse. It’s safe. What can you allow to collapse? The architecture of your disquiet. The framework of all stress and tension is composed of lies. Let the lies go, and truth shines, very simply.

Ego fears a void. Ego’s function is to obscure the spaciousness you Are with all its equipment. Ego tells you that if you are not looking upon what it uses to obscure the Real, you are looking upon nothing. This spaciousness is everything Real.

All the ego can offer are substitutes that will never fulfill. When you feel disquiet, you are believing you are in lack, and that something the ego can give you can fulfill. You believe that some change or alteration in a surface will bring peace. Ask to be shown what you already have, and you need no substitutes for peace.

You feel resistance to the ones ego calls people. You are already one with these beings, and that can never be changed. Whatever seems to be happening on the level of people, none of it can be judged. Remember that while you can pretend to have the ability to judge, you only have the ability to judge how you are feeling right now. In other words, you only have the ability to judge when you are believing lies from ego. When you are judging whatever seems to happening on the level of people, you are only pretending. Nothing real is happening.

Trust the Flow to be a blessing. When you feel disquiet, no matter what the reason seems to be, that’s ego with a thought to obscure the flow. Your job is simply to emerge out of that distraction, to remember what is truly Here for you.

We rest in eternal blessing, and we offer it to you and all unceasingly.

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