Bless all, and you are blessed

Ask for blessings. You are fully worthy and entitled to endless blessings, as are all, so why not ask for them? We don’t tell you to ask with your physical voice. We tell you to ask through your remembrance that all are fully worthy and able to share these blessings. If you see the truth that blessing can flow to you through everyone, you bless all. As you bless all, you are blessed.

This blessing can flow through everything you look upon because this essential aliveness is everywhere as the true nature of everything you look upon. Remember that everything and everyone you look upon is a conduit for blessing, and you are blessed as you bless.

Ask for the blessing that will bless you and all equally. When you are focused upon not having a particular thing in the dream, and you believe that having the particular thing will make you happy, leave that idea at the door of the network of blessing. Remember this network of eternal blessing, and you light it up everywhere for everyone. Learn to trust that this network of blessing addresses all needs perceived. As you focus upon the reality of the network of blessing among the equally worthy and equally loved, one of two things will happen. Either your perceived need will fade, or it will be fulfilled with no struggle on your part. Learn to trust, and your path will light up for you.

You can try to get what you want through “my will,” or you can accept the true happiness of thy will, a cascade of true solutions that benefit all. “My will” is based on comparative having, and thy will is based on the recognition that as you and all truly Are, you have always had what you need, and that can never change. Thy will, our shared will for happiness for all, simply brings about a reflection in this world of our actual fulfillment.

If you’re asking for the one blessing every being can give you without reservation, then you’re asking for the right blessing. Think about the light and the blessing it brings flowing easily through everyone and everything you see. This is because they are all the same, and in this sameness they are equally worthy. Being willing to see the truth behind the appearance of differences helps the truth shine into your world, shining limits away.

Asking for blessing is not attempting to extract or avoid particular things. It’s simple remembrance of the true nature of all. The light pouring forth through all you look upon is the blessing, and from here all of the details of the dream sort themselves out without your struggle.

Remembering thy will is an instant recall to what is Real and truly helpful. When your mind has strayed from thy will, the harmonic will, you feel the pain and suffering of believing you have truly separated from God, the source of the goodness without opposite that you and all Are. When you are willing to remember the goodness without opposite that you and all have always been, then you remember that it is not possible for you to separate from God, and you are always unified with the Source of all blessings.

When you begin to see everyone and everything you look upon as a faucet through which endless blessings flow in abundance, then you remember yourself as the same. As you look outward and recognize blessing, you activate your own capacity to bless, to allow the endless flow of abundance that cares for all when allowed.

Your power is in how your direct your gaze. You can focus on the surface, or you can focus consistently on the Reality behind the surface. We give thanks for your eternal beauty and perfection, beause it is this which holds us in blessing forever.

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