You could say something about a facade. You could make something of a facade. Or you could look under any facade to find the same thing everywhere. The facade is what ego judges. As you learn that all significance shines under the facade, you remember to focus upon what is Real and shared.

The facade is tricky because what seems present seems to be unshared, or shared with some and not others. In truth, everything real is shared fully and eternally. Look here, and this is where your guidance comes from. Have an open ear to the voice that speaks from beyond all facades.

You can try to do something about a facade. Or you can trust that the way will be made clear. You can follow what you allow Spirit to make obvious to you. Look at disquiet. It is always about a facade. Look at stress. It is always about your interpretation of the way things seem to be. When you finally see through your positive or negative reactivity to any surface, you see through all surfaces to the peace that is always here and always shared.

Have patience while this shift in perception unfolds. Have patience as you remember what to value. Safety is right here. Abundance is right here. Rest is right here, always. You only have to look past all surfaces to relax into it.

When you think you don’t know what to do about something, it is because you are judging a surface and trying to figure it out with judgments from ego, with remembrances from a past reliance on ego. In truth, there is nothing to do now except what happens naturally. What happens naturally springs from this vast quiet, this deep and shared “place” beyond the surface. Rest here, and any doing that needs to be done is done in peace.

Have patience with all as you learn to value their shared nature rather than their different facades. They appear as mirrors of your varied thoughts, and they are always as innocent as all are together. No one can be more or less innocent than all are together. Your innocence comes from what you all are together. Your safety comes from what you all are together. Your abundance comes from what you all are together. Your rest comes from what you all are together. Your guidance comes from what you all are together, no exceptions. When you sink into the rest available to you, there isn’t even a possibility of exception. This is peace–when you do not have to make any exceptions.

What they Are is enough right now, which means that what you Are is enough right now. There are no exceptions to this ever. What the facade shows is unreal and temporary, but the enoughness of all is real and eternal. This means that whenever you focus upon not-enoughness, you focus away from what can assist in this moment. Any stress, any tension–this is an indicator of the belief in not-enoughness. Simply hold this belief in the light today and allow it to melt. As it melts, you begin to see “where” you and all are and always have been–held in the simplicity of God’s love forever. Make this awareness primary, and anything you seem to need to know in the world appears as you need it. It is safe to relax into who you Are. You are supplied with everything that you need as you learn to look upon what is Real.

You are held in the most profound stability, in the most vibrant aliveness. It is our joy to help you see that this is so for you and all.

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