Stop and choose Anytime you are taking anything on the level of form seriously, you are confused. This may seem like extreme advice, but it is extreme advice that you are ready to hear. Knowing that you are confused, you can give the entirety of the world, which is only a confused projection of a confused mind, … Continue reading Stop and choose

A clear path The path is prepared in front of you to make each decision easy today. You will seem to encounter many points of decision, but by remaining very still within yourself,  the response to each decision point will be clear, and you will be able to feel calm. When you stay within the stillness of … Continue reading A clear path

Celebrate the choice for Love All minds that you associate with bodies appear to be separate, but the minds are one. You can think of them now as interconnected. Remember that the body is only a facade. No one is a body, yet all Are. Go to where you are all joined together when you are tempted to focus … Continue reading Celebrate the choice for Love