A loving constellation is a living constellation

Instead of depending on the perception of separate others, you can depend on God. God can inspire all, so what you see is a loving constellation. You are accustomed to depending upon your own perception, the one you invented, the one that can only come from disorder. You perceive nothing real, and you keep yourself in torment because of this.

There is a pathway out of unreality, and as you allow your perception to be provided by Spirit, you stay on this path. Your feelings always tell you when you have strayed off it.

When you project the landscape of what you see from fear, you see a world of happiness denied, peace blocked out, buds shut up tight against the sun. You can feel this denial. Whenever you don’t feel good, it is never because of something real. Remind yourself of this when your feelings tell you that reality is a troublesome thing:

I feel this way because I am denying what is Real.
What is Real is right here to help me.
I need only accept the help that is always here.

As you begin to experience that the help that is always here never fails, you learn to lean upon it in all things.

When you turn inward toward God and extend from love, you feel the peace, joy, and calm that come from remembering that all are always cared for in all ways. You start here, in Reality, and you allow all that you perceive to extend from what is Real. This is an ability that you have always had, as have all, but it is an ability that you have worked very hard to forget. Now is the time to remember.

All are fully loved, right now. All are fully supported, right now. All are totally upheld, right now. Are you willing to experience a reflection of this? It is fully within your power. Look upon all as they truly Are, as the light they Are, and you will see that you have every reason to feel safe, loved, and cared for in every moment.

Spirit works with you where you are still shut up tight against the sun, convinced that experiencing such a reflection would end you. The reflection of love only shines away the false self of fear, and you have never been this. You have never been that which tries to avoid love, because you and all are love itself and always will be. There is no avoiding what you Are, so you can relax into the Reality of it now. It is safe, and you are loved. All are loved.

We speak from the eternal, from what you Are, and we rejoice as you allow the miracles that bring what you and all Are back to your full awareness. We look upon you with constant blessing, and we delight as you remember to look upon all in the same way.

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