Everything you need is in your path

One of my favorite parts of receiving a message is asking what photo I should find to help express it. Today, I was guided to the cornucopia image. In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving today. I was wondering if there would be any Thanksgiving reference, and nothing came through until this traditional Thanksgiving symbol. … Continue reading Everything you need is in your path

The fullness of what You Are

https://youtu.be/MkBES2N1wg8 In truth, there is no lack. There is only the fullness and abundance of what we all Are together, eternally. So if you appear to be watching a movie about or enacting a role of lack, what is this about? It is about your choice. It is about your choice to remain entrained to … Continue reading The fullness of what You Are

Basking in abundance

https://youtu.be/bi5KB2aQisQ If you find lack in any other, you are finding lack within yourself but trying to escape from it by seeing it as outside of yourself. Whenever you believe that lack in another is very real, remind yourself: I am the one who needs help. You can also ask us to prove abundance to … Continue reading Basking in abundance

Pure abundance

You live in pure abundance, all of the time. Allow us to surround you with this clear perception. Abundance is an energy, a very simple energy in which you abide at all times. A key feature of your being-human experience was near-constant blocking of the truth that abundance Is. We can use the past tense. … Continue reading Pure abundance