Everything you need is in your path

One of my favorite parts of receiving a message is asking what photo I should find to help express it. Today, I was guided to the cornucopia image. In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving today. I was wondering if there would be any Thanksgiving reference, and nothing came through until this traditional Thanksgiving symbol. The cornucopia, also known as the “horn of plenty,” represents abundance. Thanks to all the amazing artists who make their work available for free. And thanks to you for stopping by and sharing your beautiful presence here. May we all stay rooted in our inner abundance today. 💚

Everything you need is in your path. Rest in the confidence of that today. Rest in the confidence that everything everyone needs is in their path. If you find yourself anticipating a future with an idea of attempting to control it, remember instead how perfectly set up it is for you and all right now. Each moment is perfectly prepared for you to step into it. If you remember this, there is no need to struggle or to strive. The present moment always contains all the abundance you and all need. Dive into this deep resource.

If you find yourself looking elsewhere for answers, remember how perfectly cared for you are. You can leave this certainty that you are held in the arms of love, always and in all ways. If you wish, you can substitute illusions for this knowing. When you don’t feel joyful, you have placed an illusion between you and your awareness that you are fully loved and supported, always held in the abundance that delivers whatever resources you need.

Struggle in the world means that you have found something more important than what you Are. What you Are is what all Are, so focusing upon Truth serves all. When you feel yourself caught in the energy of struggle, ask what it is you are finding so important. Is the struggle about some transitory state? Is it about something temporary that will eventually pass away? If it is, you are choosing hell, and this is very good news. The fact that you are choosing it means that you can choose again, right now. Ask to be guided toward placing your attention where it truly matters.

There is no need for struggle. The act of struggle is an act of pretending that opposites are real. Opposites have never been real, and you have the power to see through them. When you ask for assistance in doing this, you bless all.

Struggle is about the back and forth. It’s about trying to reach one defined extreme while keeping the other extreme at bay. It’s all imaginary. Invite the Real to come in and run things. Ask the Real to guide things. The Real is utterly stable and beyond all opposites. It is beyond all concepts, but it can guide you through a world of concepts. The Real feels consistently joyful. The Real is who you Are. When you are engaging in the pantomime of struggle, you are pretending to be someone you are not, someone you have never been, someone you will never succeed in being. This is very good news, because a struggler is a figment. It is a nothing, and you will never succeed in becoming nothing. The ego is nothing, and you are Real.

Ask for guidance in fully acknowledging Reality today, and we are there, putting everything in your path that will serve and uphold you and all.

Image by nafeti_art from Pixabay

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