Divine Selfishness

You have all. We thought you might like to know that. You have All because you are All. In other words, you are Self-contained, within the whole of the self that includes everything, and ever-expanding, ever creative. Right now, you already have all of the solutions to anything that could possibly face you in this … Continue reading Divine Selfishness


https://youtu.be/4tY4XmiHmbU Every time you breathe in, you access a sacred space. Think of this constant and unending pattern of reaching in--to the fulcrum point of balance that is your true self--and then allowing expression from the place where all are united, into the world, through you. Throughout the day, over and over, naturally, you breathe … Continue reading Breathing

It’s as simple as breathing

https://youtu.be/FuZKKmo3_Wk I am so excited to touch fingers to keyboard. Another lesson is waiting to explain itself to me. Whatever I write here--it's new for me, too. It's beckoning me into the lived experience of it. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in from Source, to the density. Breathe out from the density, to the Source. … Continue reading It’s as simple as breathing