Divine Selfishness

You have all. We thought you might like to know that. You have All because you are All.

In other words, you are Self-contained, within the whole of the self that includes everything, and ever-expanding, ever creative. Right now, you already have all of the solutions to anything that could possibly face you in this embodiment.

Now go to a moment of stress, contraction or judgment. In those moments, you were kinking the hose to keep yourself from knowing that, from feeling that. We invite you to take responsibility for kinking your own hose in order to keep this 3D experience in place in what you view as reliable and predictable ways. And to remember that the space of one conscious breath is the start to relaxing into well-being again.

Why do you experience these intermittent contractions? It is a sign or a signal of what you still hold onto, concepts and patterns you no longer need. You are safe in releasing all concepts and patterns related to protection of a separate self. Go into the feeling for a moment of keeping a little something back–keeping a little something back for yourself–a sense of control. Are you ready to let that one melt now? Of course you are. That is why it has come up. It’s simply the next step, the next opportunity.

You’re not giving up yourself–you couldn’t. That’s not possible.  You’re only giving up your deeply ingrained tendency to suffer.

Who are you without any suffering? What are you? Is what you are a story or a knowingness? Is what you are something that can be explained or compared, or is it a simple and shared knowingness?  Does it oppose the suffering, or is it underneath the suffering? Have you been hiding underneath concepts and experiences of suffering for a very long time?

You exist. That is quite simple, plain and clear, is it not? You exist, and your existence has always been shared with all others across time and space–shared harmoniously, we might add. It is only learned perception that would cause you to see this any differently. Are you willing to release all perception that doesn’t serve the highest good, and to release it today?

Feel into your connectedness with all that is alive right now. In actuality, you are at peace with all that is alive, with All That Is. The peace you are and the peace you share with all others is always available to you. Use the breath to remember it when you have forgotten it. Are you bold enough to allow that peace to predominate, to direct action, to inspire speech?

You could let a personality continue to run things. That is an option. How does it feel when a personality runs things? Personalities seek to expand themselves. That takes effort. What is, is in a continual, effortless state of expansion and creativity. Would you like to hop on that train for a free ride? You’re already on it. Would you like to acknowledge that you have always been taking that free ride? Would you like to acknowledge it today, right now, in this moment? How does that feel?

Emotion will come to you in your day today. Notice it. Is it the type of emotion that emphasizes a cut off and vulnerable state? Is it the kind of emotion that uplifts you in exhilaration and connectedness, or just reinforces a sense of peace and stability? Do you notice the fluctuation? You are in the washing machine. Thank the washing machine.

There is no need to struggle against negative emotion. Simply notice that you are in the washing machine, and the washing machine is doing you a great service. Anything that doesn’t feel good–visualize those being worked out of the fibers of your Self, being released as you see that they never were at all. When the wash is done and the clothes are returned to state of cleanliness, it’s as if the dirt had never been there at all.

The washing machine churns, agitates, disturbs. It brings up that which is worked into the fibers, and it washes it away. Thank the washing machine. See it as a functionality, a means of release. When you are busy thanking the washing machine, notice how there is no room to blame anyone else, including yourself?

When the wash is complete, you are clean. You are at peace. You have the clarity to appreciate what is always there for you, what always wants to be expressed through you–love, order, peace, creativity. These are the ever-present. That which seems other–those states–they are like clouds moving across the sun. Feel the stability of that. Feel the aliveness of it. Take a breath, and feel the scintillating vibration of it.

Take a breath, and feel the I AM. Feel your connection to all that lives, to all that has ever lived, to all that ever will live. Feel the simplicity of it. Do you agree to allow what you are to be expressed through you today? Are you curious about what will come through you? Do you feel a sense of playfulness, openness and willingness about it? We can have great fun together on this your stage you have erected. We can have great fun transforming the entire set with one magical breath. Why not? What resistance remains? To what are you still clinging? Are you willing to release it all in one magical breath right now? Doubt, too?

You always have the now. You always have the breath. And when you don’t have the breath anymore, you have been released from the obligation to have it. We are quite happy to abide without the breath, but it does you a great service while you still have it. The pause between the in-breath and the out-breath–allow that to be the symbol of returning to our expansiveness throughout the day. The out-breath–allow that to be the symbol of delivering our expansiveness, which is yours, unto your world throughout the day.

You share the I AM deeply and equally with all others. When you are interaction with others, and you have allowed tension and stories to creep into your experience, use the deeply cleansing breath of I AM to return you to your awareness of your deep connection with that other, your equality with that other. And then allow attraction and repulsion to do their neutral work for the highest good. Returning to the awareness of I AM places each of you perfectly where you are meant to be, and that may not be in the same physical space with each other.

Attraction and repulsion, which are neutral–not judgmental–will tell you. They will place you. They will inspire you. If you act on inspiration, others will feel more comfortable doing so, too.

In the space of the I AM, there is no conflict. When you feel you are in the midst of inner or outer turmoil, notice that you keep visiting that no-conflict spot anyway. You might as well bring back some of the treasures from each vacation with you. Every breath a vacation. Every exhalation tending a pathway for inspiration to flow into your world.

This is not peace by rote. This is not love rehearsed and remembered. It’s fresh, unorthodox, untutored, yet entirely stable. Can you be the conduit for that today? You already are. That’s how you were designed, so you might as well show up as yourself.

You are always guided, but you are never guided by that which is other than yourself. You can allow yourself the experience of having a personality that runs things. That’s what you wanted, and that’s what you gave yourself. You’re now noticing that it doesn’t feel very good, and you would like to feel better. It’s really that simple. So you set down the illusion of a personality running things. The beautifully individuated flavor of your personality remains as you relax into what you are, always joined with us, always guided by what we collectively are.

We celebrate your divine Selfishness today in finding and relaxing into what feels best.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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