It’s as simple as breathing

I am so excited to touch fingers to keyboard. Another lesson is waiting to explain itself to me. Whatever I write here–it’s new for me, too. It’s beckoning me into the lived experience of it.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in from Source, to the density.

Breathe out from the density, to the Source.

Look at this harmonious, peaceful interchange between Source and form, the condensed creation of your mind, what you experience as your physical world, the personalities that populate it, and the events of your daily lives.

Witness the purity of gathering inspiration from the Wholeness, the Source, and expressing that with into condensed and loving form. Imagine that lovely energy coursing through you with every inhale and exhale in every situation. Inhaling inspiration, exhaling loving expression.

Basically, you’re pooping out Love. We can’t resist playing with solemnity, swirling through a hush, tickling seriousness. This can feel very light, very playful.

If we want to take in the inspiration that leads to loving expression, we must make room.

Exhale fear

Inhale Love

You give fear, which looms large and takes up a lot of space on the hard drive, to Source. Source very gladly takes it from you and replaces it with inspiration.

You do absolutely nothing to earn this. The only thing that brings inspiration to you is a willingness to release fear.

Know this. Hear this.
You do absolutely nothing to earn the inspiration that brings happiness and joy. You do not have to delay in accepting it.

There is not a single habit you have to drop to earn the inspiration that loves you. There is not a single quality of goodness you have to add to your person in order to become aware of the inspiration that awaits you in every inhale.

You can be dripping with blood, fresh from murdering a child and a puppy (we added the puppy to really make a point) right in front of another child and puppy, and have equal and immediate access to the inspiration that always stands ready to supply your loving expression.

We’ve got news for you. You don’t do anything in terms of action. Think of the spirit that is truly you. Not the body. Your loving spirit got confused and forgot that it was wholly loving and had no reason to fear. Ditto for everyone else.

Because your loving spirit got lost on purpose in order to experience fear, you’re still listening to it. If you’re done playing with the fear toy, you can put it down. Truly. You’re just confused and sleepy as you’re waking up to the fact that you can put fear down.

Now let’s go back to your loving spirit (and everyone else’s, while we’re at it). You don’t do anything. You’re not a body. Your spirit has been believing fearful thoughts and creating a mixture of fearful and loving experiences. This is good news. It is impossible for you to become entirely reliant on fear and still express yourself in form.

When you remember that Love is available to you on every inhale, and loving expression is available to you–effortlessly, through inspiration, not through trying to be someone–on every exhalation without exception, you stop listening to fearful thoughts.

More than that. You are able to identify separate fearful thoughts, watch the process of believing or attaching to them, and watch how experience that seems tense and contracted results from that. As you do this, you simply stop listening to fear. It is not a trusted friend. It is not an enemy. It is nothing, really. Just a means for extremes of experience. Once you’ve had enough of the experiential extremes, you’ll stop listening to it and creating events out of it.

You don’t do anything. You don’t pick up a pencil. You create an experience of expressing through a body, and you believe the body fully capable of picking up a pencil. Then you watch and feel and experience a body with “your” name picking up a pencil. Even the smallest of actions is amazing. Watch it unfold.

You don’t control the doing from the control room of a separate self who can be harmed and victimized, a separate self who will die. You (as a name and the current life you a living within a specific body) are an idea. An idea that can be met with love. The doing you experience happens according to the blend of fearful/loving beliefs to which you attach.

The separate self you is only an idea. It does nothing. You, as awareness, bring into being a focus that creates the experiences you have day to day.

When you become aware of fear, celebrate. You have an opportunity to clean your attic to make way for effortless inspiration and the happiness that follows in its wake.

I am aware that I am feeling [emotion] about [event, person or circumstance].
I am willing to feel [emotion].
I feel my willingness to release fear in all its forms

If you were given a box full of dirt, and all you had to do was to empty the box in order to have it filled with money, wouldn’t you do it?

Your willingness to feel all the negative emotions you are tempted to project out onto others is the key. Rather than seeing them and judging them in someone else, experience them when they come to you. Recognize the ones that are fearful. Be willing to feel them truly and honestly for a moment as yours. Feel how willing you are to release fear in all its forms.

Over and over again. Make room for inspiration in your consciousness. Inhale. Exhale. Be at peace.

When you find that peace and stay within it on every inhale, express it on every exhale, those ones you were tempted to blame will find a means for awakening in you. They will find out that they have access to this great treasure right now, and it is never earned.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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