Gifts of the inner fire

We invite you to step into the inner fire of desire. That which has burned in you ever since you left the full and complete sense of wholeness–allow yourself to feel the burning of it in you now.

That burning has always been there since the moment you thought you left (yet never did). It will always be there to guide you home until you don’t need it anymore.

That burning is characteristic of any desire. You feel that in getting to a projected destination associated with that desire that the burning will be quenched. You will feel at ease. This desire will carry you from life situation to life situation, each one perfectly designed to assist you in releasing what you don’t need and coming to the realization of who and what you are, who and what all others are. All others are in the same boat, which means all others are in the perfect life situations for them–the life situations in which they activate others, the life situations in which they are activated by others.

Desire will be there for you during your entire journey, up to the point at which you transcend the notion of time. The burning of desire serves you and all.

All desires lead to the same place–peace and remembrance. Think of all the opposing desires that seem to be active in your world right now. All desires, without exception, no matter how they look to you right now–all desires lead to the same place. That is why you can be at peace with your desire, right now, and you can be at peace with the desire of any other, right now. It all works out. We promise.

What do you desire right now? Does anything come to mind? Was it a desire that something goes away, or that something comes to you? If an individual desire popped up for you in that moment, see it as one in a line of dominoes. The dominoes all fall, one leading to the next, and the last one is the very simple desire for love and nothing else.

Love and nothing else is what you are, of course. It is what all others are. So your desire leads to what you are. That is what you are burning for, really. You are burning for the full remembrance of what you are, and you will get there. You will get there with the assistance of your divine siblings–the ones who appear to hold the desires that come into conflict with yours. It works out. They all merge. You all come into peace together.

Love and nothing else is what you are. We invite you to see right through the phenomenality of whatever seems to be something else today. See through it to the depth of the power you share equally with all others.

Ever-present love–it’s always waiting there for you to see. If you want clarity above all else, you are asking to see that love in everything, in everyone, present and active right now. In your desire for clarity, in your desire to feel good, you will see the illusion as the fabrication it is, and you will see right through it to ever-present love. It’s there, waiting to be activated in your world. It’s as though you have a magic wand. When you see that love, you invite it to the surface. You see the truth, and you invite the experience of that truth into your world.

When you are willing to see love present everywhere, you will access the power and ability available to you in every moment. Just what is this? What is available to you in every moment? We invite you to see and experience that today. Walk into it with curiosity. When I stay here right now, without judgment, willing to see the truth of everything and everyone beyond whatever surface presents itself to me…what then?

This is all we ask of you today–curiosity and the willingness to be without judgment. We rejoice in all the freely given gifts you choose to accept.

Photo by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg on Unsplash

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