Washing pain away

Every moment is a binary choice between illusion and Reality until you give up the burden of choice. If you have frequent experiences of mental or emotional pain, you are deeply habituated to choose in favor of the illusion. If you are accustomed to choosing in favor of the illusion, you have a belief that the illusion protects what you are. This is a time now of breaking down of beliefs–surface beliefs and the fundamental beliefs supporting those–and watching emotional and physical pain washing away as you allow the beliefs to go.

Once you get the hang of choosing for awakening, for Reality, it becomes a habit. You associate the disappearance of judgment with ease, and it becomes obvious that you are willing to experience that ease. In that ease, you feel all the time how loved you are, and that love doesn’t come from a particular person or because you performed in a particular way. It just is. As you allow judgment to drain away, the abundance that is always there for you becomes apparent. When you can see that it is there for you, you can see that is is equally there for everyone else without exception. As you enjoy the abundance of love that is always there for you, you light up the way for others to find it.

There are still areas of deeply rooted habit, and once those areas are exposed, we can go to work on them. You didn’t know what was making you unhappy before, so you went to work on your world, on your life. The idea was that once you got certain things in place and under control, you would feel peace and happiness.

Now you are beginning to see that it is perception correction alone that brings access to this peace and happiness; it is never conditions. And as the peace and happiness seem to fluctuate, it is solely because you have made the decision to return to what seems like a “more comfortable” mode of perception. It is only comfortable because you are accustomed to pain and discomfort. As you realize the clear connection between perception correction and happiness, separation perception will no longer feel like home. You will stop returning to pain because you see that it doesn’t offer any rewards for you or anyone.

What we mean by this is that certain beliefs are the cause of pain, but you don’t see it yet. When you finally notice what you are believing and its association with pain, you let go of the belief easily.  All we need from you is your willingness. Are you willing to be happy? Are you willing to release anything that blocks that happiness? Remember this when you think you want something in particular. Remember that you are willing to be happy, and you are willing to release anything that blocks happiness. If you are happy, it doesn’t matter what particulars you seem to have.

A belief released in your mind equals an easier time for another mind in releasing their own beliefs. All of these seemingly small moments of willingness are sparks of light that join with one another, shining away all of the illusion, revealing what has always been here. For today, be content with your seemingly small moments of willingness. Each one has the beautiful power of transformation, and all is well.

We thank you for listening. As you listen, you sit in the stillness of the peace we all are, and you are Home.

Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash

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