Interrupt ego

Things do not make you happy. Notice how often through the day that you believe a thing represents happiness. Each time you catch it, you can take a moment for reflection, a moment to remind yourself that you want to see clearly.

Conditions do not make you happy. Notice how often through the day you believe you are lacking a particular condition, and you need to use effort to bring that condition about. You will serve yourself and others well if you stop for reflection when you observe these thought patterns. These thought patterns are the dance on which the ego leads you. You can stop dancing.

If you make a habit of interrupting the flow of ego’s dance steps, the untrue nature of the thoughts ego suggests becomes very obvious. As you stop valuing missives sent from ego, the guidance of your True Self becomes very obvious. Life becomes effortless.

The awareness of Love is happiness.  When you think you want something, that is what you want–to be held in this love, to be reunited with what you Are  beyond all conflict. Anything you try to do in the physical is all about this desire to abide in the awareness of Love. You try to substitute physical means of completion and achievement for the fullness of knowing your Self.

At any point at which you think some physical accomplishment will make you happy, this is a great time to interrupt ego. Think of your true nature as Love for a moment. Ask Love to direct your actions, your day. You are only asking your True Self.

Whenever you think you want something, it is only the awareness of Love that you lack. When you are believing that you want something, pause for just a moment before going after it. Take just one breath with the intention of abiding in and as the Love you Are. Ask that you continue on from this point guided by Love.

Love is always here, always now. It is Love’s warm embrace that you are seeking, not any thing, condition or accomplishment. Don’t be fooled. Interrupt ego’s dance. Interrupt ego’s song. Ask to hear what is Real. And appreciate the deep stillness that embraces you when you allow yourself to become aware of it. This stillness is the good friend that will handle all of your life for you. Make friends with it. It is your true ally.

Thank you for stopping and listening. You listen to us, and you listen to your True Self. When you listen to your True Self, you listen to the peaceful, united Self of All.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

5 thoughts on “Interrupt ego

  1. What a POWERFUL Transmission, Julie. Wow! Thank You. 



      “Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the worlds.” Rumi                                                           

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