A place to rest

https://youtu.be/9BCW1IbYDKw The whole of a perception of what a seen-as-separate-one did or didn't do is tied up in a story about the one or ones you're looking at. Observe this today. Look at how much story-making is going on as you seem to move about your world. You have stories about every separate one, and … Continue reading A place to rest

Rest while the rest of us help you

https://youtu.be/rgolWENQUdo When you give up your attachments to thoughts that cause you stress, what truly Is can manage the illusion. At any moment, you can allow what truly Is to manage all of time and space. When you are identifying with and as a character who is just as much an illusion as time and … Continue reading Rest while the rest of us help you

Rest is always available

https://youtu.be/rP7DrakF2J4 Rest from the conflicts to which you attach is always available to you. That rest is a silent glow, always available to you within. In the light of this rest, all false concepts dissolve. When you feel pain during the day, it is a signal that you are attaching to a false concept. Attaching … Continue reading Rest is always available