Safe return Home You can come to a place where you're happy to recognize that you feel irritated. When you make the purpose of each day, of each hour, of each moment the same purpose, then it is no problem to feel something that you call negative. You are simply bumping up against the problem, and when … Continue reading Safe return Home

No need for delay Why delay? We wish to reframe what you regard as negative feeling for you. Every single negative feeling you have ever experienced is about a struggle to delay. In a convoluted way, every time you don't feel good, you are struggling to get away from a better feeling. This seems like insanity, doesn't it? … Continue reading No need for delay

You are at Home right now Whenever you witness anyone struggling, they are struggling to find their way back to the Love that they are. Remember the mirroring aspect of what you experience here. They mirror your own struggle back to you. No matter what seems to be happening, they are only showing you a desire, a longing to return … Continue reading You are at Home right now

The journey toward mass healing

When you're desiring any phenomenal thing, you're actually desiring the healing that brings peace. Say this to yourself today when you think you want anything at all: I see that I seem to want something. I can see this as an invitation to healing. I am willing to accept healed perception. And then go about your business. … Continue reading The journey toward mass healing