A great blessing

You will be born anew. Experience is coming to you, at your request, that helps you to see through who you thought you were. It helps you to see through who you thought everyone else is. This is very good news. The good news is here because you wanted it more than you wanted your fantasy of time and space. The good news has always been available, but it had to wait patiently by until you wanted it more than anything else.

You will value the present more than anything else. You will receive all instruction from the Presence of the present. You are accustomed to following ego’s instruction based on analysis of the past and anticipation of the future. No more. An abundant, flowing river of inspiration is available to you in every moment, and there is no need for you to refer to what never existed in order to gather instructions for your character. Your character is embraced by the flow of the Now because you Are that Now. Everyone “else” is that Now equally, and it is a great blessing for you to see them that way.

Right now you are shedding. Think of this as layers and layers of concepts you never needed falling off that separate self. One of the concepts is the separate self itself. While the separate self still seems to exist, it can perform healing’s work in the world. All that is needed is a clear mind, and this is the blessing that you are accepting. You had to want it more than anything else, more than any phenomenal thing.

You will recognize your benign power and that of everyone else over and above any judgments the ego makes. You are seeing now how unimportant these judgments are. They only kept you imprisoned by your choice. There is no way that now, seeing the nature of the shackles printed by your imagination, you will return to that bondage.

The light will be more prevalent in your awareness than anything seemingly else. The light is more prevalent than anything else, because the “anything else” has always been imaginary and has never had any true existence. Now that you want what truly Is more than you want your fantasies, you will be able to see light everywhere with ease.

We celebrate our collaboration. We celebrate your willingness to emerge from bondage. We celebrate the light you and all are eternally, and we thank you for your perfect roles.

Photo by Robert Rasmussen on Unsplash

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