Who you aren’t

We extend to you today the option of staying open to who you are, rather than getting caught up in the struggle and the storyline of who you aren't. Ask, "What is the purpose of the body today?" Can you ask this question innocence and openness, not knowing the answer? Can you remain open to … Continue reading Who you aren’t

Practical reasons not to commit murder

https://youtu.be/GGc8_e_RMKU This topic made me laugh. The point of it is to realize that it doesn't have to be a moral issue. When seen in terms of practicality, it just makes sense. Think of a murderer, and think of all the heavy judgment that goes along with that term. Now think of the murderer. He … Continue reading Practical reasons not to commit murder

Harmonic identity

https://youtu.be/V6Xo3gvaJQc Sometimes it (the information) seems to be coming at me so quickly, and it's so amazing, that I... ...and then you sit down to write. Yes, and then it distills. You are allowing the harmonic identity to come through you, as you. The awareness that you are, that we all are, is setting the … Continue reading Harmonic identity

A limited number of foot soldiers

https://youtu.be/GrcVS4L48m8 The ego contains a limited number of foot soldiers. If we stop believing that our power comes through ego, the ego has no resources to recruit new soldiers. This is not a fight. The ego treats any threat to its existence as a fight, sending soldier after soldier into awareness to try to regain … Continue reading A limited number of foot soldiers

Thorn in the foot

I woke up wondering why I felt like I was boiling in oil, emotionally speaking. I indulged in a few moments of, "Well, if you think you've come so far spiritually, why does it seem at this moment as if you have stuffed up life completely and have no idea how to live?" There's a … Continue reading Thorn in the foot