Go deeply into it

You must be willing to access or uncover the bitterness, and that is what relationship is for. We know this sounds grim, but you set the perception of separate ones in place to escape perceptually from what actually Is. This means in every relationship with any separate aspect–a person, an object, a concept, a situation–you must plunge in, feel the bitterness and density, and walk through it with us to the true light. This means you must leave any attachment to the false light–ego’s positive–behind.

Don’t worry–uncovering the bitterness is not all relationships are for, but it is a start. They are also for acknowledging, again and again, in deepening awareness, what is Real. As you learn to look beyond the meaningless surface and the attachments it offers you, you can acknowledge, again and again, what is Real. Love is always shining behind any positive or negative attachments a surface holds out to you. As you see this Love, as you recognize this Love, you trust it to take over.

Let’s say that you are struck by another’s arrogance. That is a good strike. It’s a wake-up call. That edge you feel as you look at him with jaw dropped at his audacity, at his seeming lack of appreciation–it’s your edge! Give thanks, for it is exposed. Will you allow Spirit to pour hot water on it, to melt it? The only consequence is that you won’t feel so separate from him anymore. You’ll lose your ability to be over here judging a him over there. But that’s okay. You never needed what could never be real.

Let’s say this is what you want to say to him: “You’re so arrogant!”
Now substitute this: “You’re such a block to Reality!”
And now this: “You’re such a block to Reality that I am holding in place on purpose!”
Now ask: What could be more Real than this?
Now remember: You’re in a pattern of wanting to see blocks more than that which releases all blocks, but that’s okay. You’re in very safe hands. You’re being guided through and out of it.

Then this song was offered:

You get out of this place–this perception–by going deeply into it with us. You get out of this place by going fully into it and allowing it to dissolve around you. When we talk about allowing it to dissolve, we don’t ask you to reference what your senses tell you. We ask you to look at how you feel. You go directly into the tension that you believe is a result of what your senses tell you. You allow that tension to dissolve. You relax right into where you are.

Where you Are is in peace, always. Where you aren’t is where your senses tell you that you are. So to relax anywhere, in any condition, without trying to physically or mentally escape from it, is to relax into what and where you and all actually Are.

You believe your tension is the result of conditions you experience or things you notice in the illusion. But you made the illusion to experience the impossible. You cannot experience the impossible without tension. To relax out of that tension is to reach toward Home and to invite it to be the determiner of all.

When you see illusion all around you, and you act from the foundation of tension, you make a branching out of timelines because you want more of that–of illusion. When you see illusion all around you, recognize it means nothing, and relax into what you actually Are, peace itself, you allow all the timelines to merge toward healing, toward full remembrance of how safe we all are and always have been, beyond or prior to the fantasy of death.

You know if you are making new timelines or allowing the merging of timelines in healing by how you are feeling. Do not be afraid to walk straight into the worst of your feelings with us. They will always calm. You will always be brought back to the awareness of who we Are together. So let us not walk around them. Let us walk straight into them.

We are with you, and we love to show you that all the looming somethings are nothing, that you are here and safe in peace forever.

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