Life review

When you access a deeper layer of function and feel the joy of that, you also open up to a deeper layer of dysfunction–more opportunity for healing. Don’t be thrown by this. Don’t define what you know to be your whole self using the dysfunction of the past.

Think of it as clarity coming to you, piercing through that which you thought was yourself. When you become aware of these deeper layers of dysfunction, how you have allowed fear to run you and operate in your life, you may be surprised and tempted to fling yourself into self-condemnation. That won’t help anyone.

Keep your eyes open. Don’t lament unless you really need an emotional release through crying. Simply know that you are bringing a different mode of functioning online and you are only seeing the effects of the past.

What you are going through, in increments, is the life review you would usually experience upon physical death. You’re experiencing it before physical death, accepting its lessons, and applying them here in through the same body.

If you were experiencing this after physical death, after you were shown the review, you would respawn elsewhere on the time-space continuum and be given another opportunity to come to know your whole self truly.

Know that you are always surrounded by love as you learn to see through the eyes of love, as you learn to choose love in every moment.

Photo by Pim Chu on Unsplash


If you are reading the Love’s Beginning book, here is the next chapter:
Chapter 6 -Interaction
Every interaction brings with it the opportunity to release what we are not and to bring more of what we are–Love–into daily expression.
6.1 Hush

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