The most beautiful game level

Go way, way back. Back to the beginning of what you consider to be this lifetime. Even in the womb, you felt tension and contraction, relative expansion. As you grew into awareness of a separate self, there was a point at which you began to understand blame. There was a moment when you understood yourself--your … Continue reading The most beautiful game level

Special functions

My understanding of the term "special function" originated with A Course in Miracles. Each person has a special function that comes effortlessly. All special functions dovetail harmoniously with one another. When you're with someone having a less than harmonious experience, consider the idea that what you really may want, over and above something you consider to … Continue reading Special functions

Clearing our shared space

If you follow this blog, you may see a veritable flood of posts coming through. I keep writing down seed ideas and not expanding on them. Today, though, the way seems to be clear to write and write and write. Awareness is. It's the base. The foundation. It's always there and connects all of us. … Continue reading Clearing our shared space