Life review

When you access a deeper layer of function and feel the joy of that, you also open up to a deeper layer of dysfunction--more opportunity for healing. Don't be thrown by this. Don't define what you know to be your whole self using the dysfunction of the past. Think of it as clarity coming to … Continue reading Life review

Mind tugs How we think about each other, how we see each other, is so important and leads to our experiences here. I have more to say about this but am being distracted by a feeling of appreciation for the new voice... It is my voice, but it is their voice. I am a member of … Continue reading Mind tugs

Tripping on toys This is a draft from a couple of weeks ago that I just found. Now, rereading it, I understand what was happening. I thought I was okay with crying. I have four kids. Holding small people while they cry is one of my regular activities. How could I not be okay with weeping? I … Continue reading Tripping on toys

Welcome to the team Let us tell you more about divine will. Let us say this slightly differently, now that you feel yourself merging. Let's all feel together about divine will. Let's, on purpose, pool our resources and listen to what comes. You, Julie, get to share that. Don't shy away from your role--it's only a role, so … Continue reading Welcome to the team