The Truth of the Whole

A good practice for this phase of learning is to notice when you have constructed an identity for yourself or another. What was the purpose of this decision about who someone is or isn't? Was there a trajectory that would end in a judgment of superiority or inferiority? You are able to watch the thoughts … Continue reading The Truth of the Whole

The good news Here's the good news when you are going through a period of intensity: The reason you are feeling things are unbearable is that you are allowing yourself to feel the effects of your judgments at a deeper level. Now aware of the pain attached to the various forms of personal judgment with which you … Continue reading The good news

True north

Notice when you are evaluating something and attaching a value of good or bad. Realize that there is another way through. You have chosen to make the ego the evaluator of experience and determiner of preference, but there is another way through. You can choose again. When you put evaluation in the hands of the … Continue reading True north