Different Than, Not Less Than

I love it when I discover synchronicity. Looks like we were writing about the same thing at the same time.

It's All Pretty Funny

Sometimes it’s easy to compare yourself and the way you do things to others. It’s easy to take the people we love and admire what they do and envy it because it’s a way we want to do things. Let me explain:

I wish I could be more organized, because frankly I am an organization hurricane. Yes, I know where things are. Yes, it’s a little like Where’s Waldo to find the things. I have a system, and that system makes sense to no one but me.

I see some of my friends having elaborate planners, bullet journals, and calendars that have more colours than the fancy box of crayons that one kid had in 5th grade everyone was super jealous of. I see that and I want that, and one day I might get that.

However, just because I don’t doesn’t mean my ability to work is less than…

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Glad to meet you

https://youtu.be/pkZBkb2WadA Play a game when you meet people. If you notice yourself becoming critical of them, remember this: Oh, there I am in another incarnation. That time around, certain things came easily to me, and other things didn't. The part of you I am criticizing--you're truly doing the best you know how to do within … Continue reading Glad to meet you