The voices

I get my marching orders from the voices in the shower. Maybe I shouldn't lead with that? I first heard them in the shower, and they were jubilant about making contact, like high-five-in-the-control-room kind of excitement. They told me that I was a famous actress in a soap opera that they were watching avidly. They … Continue reading The voices

A limited number of foot soldiers The ego contains a limited number of foot soldiers. If we stop believing that our power comes through ego, the ego has no resources to recruit new soldiers. This is not a fight. The ego treats any threat to its existence as a fight, sending soldier after soldier into awareness to try to regain … Continue reading A limited number of foot soldiers


Children build worlds out of blocks and legos, and you have done the same with the world you see. Look at your life, from birth until present. Look at all the people, the objects, the buildings, the events, the experiences. All of these were constructed by you, block by block. Look at the world out … Continue reading Legoland

Floating up to the surface As I continue the release of fear, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, I am amazed at all the pieces of my perceived past that come bubbling up to the top. Just keep letting go until there is nothing left to release. Each thought, each feeling that rises to the surface was something you … Continue reading Floating up to the surface