Pure imagination

I dearly love how daily life springs up to meet us and demonstrate what we’re all doing here. It comes through in so many ways. Willy Wonka is a wonderful tour guide to imagination as he defies expectations again and again.

Do you like what you made here? Okay, let’s imagine something different, then. It’s truly that simple.

We know it doesn’t look that simple. We know it doesn’t feel that simple. It is, however, very, very simple. The only complexity is the fear you have invented to block the awareness of effortlessness and simplicity.

The first step is knowing the locus from which the whole fantasy is being projected. It’s you. It’s the collective you, but since your mind is touching every mind across time and space, the collective part about it is no block to what you can do.

This doesn’t mean that we sit down and think hard and imagine seriously and Force. This. New. World. Into. Being. Not at all.

As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. That harmony is always there under the surface of what you are experiencing, and nothing can make it smaller or less significant than it is. What you created on the surface is very thin, very malleable, very changeable. It can reflect the harmony and love that we all are with no effort at all.

It’s you. It’s you! Knowing that what you experience is your creation (not what you are, but what you experience) is not a burden at all. It’s the source of your power, a power that can never be matched or defeated by anything created in this world.

Your power is always in your perspective. When you are willing to set the personal perspective aside, the ability to see truly will flow in to show you the way. You don’t have to decide the way. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. It’s better if you follow. Follow what? Follow whom?

Follow that whoosh of inspiration that comes through you. That whoosh of inspiration comes when we set the personal down–when we wait, watch, appreciate, listen and wonder. That whoosh of inspiration never puts us in opposition to anyone else. We may end up doing things people don’t like or failing to do the things they think they like, but that whoosh of inspiration never leads us to believe that we oppose anyone.

We come to learn that true opposition is not possible. Because we wanted to go as far out onto the edge away from reality as we could, we created very believable, very real-seeming experiences of opposition here. Once we wake up to that it’s not so hard to see through them. Once we can see through them easily, we invite the light that we are back into daily experience.


Photo by Jeremy Beck on Unsplash

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