You’re holding a gun, and you think it’s you

This life experience is really about dropping the chains so you and others have the freedom to move about this created world with clear vision.

How are you not moving freely now? You are compelled, in a sense, by your reactiveness to thoughts about yourself, others and conditions around you. Funny, because what you see out there is all created by you. You are never subject to it. You are prior to it, at all times.

The impulse, the life force of what you are and what all others are, thrums ceaselessly toward you, as you. When you are believing yourself to be separate, the constant life impulse appears to approach you from some distance across time. It approaches in the form of what you recognize as thought, and it happens in your self-created time.

This gives you time to, from the perspective of your separate self, throw a cloak of fear over the steady impulses that seem to approach a form which is other than the Whole. Time was created for the purpose of having a fear-based experience here–an experience of separate wills conflicting.

In other words, you chose war. You birthed a personality and allowed it to be programmed for war. When we come to you, we are showing you the bits and bytes, the code, the programming you plug into and rely upon in successive moments of what you experience as time.

We have been laughing (and you have been hearing and wondering) when you tell your twins to “Slow down”  as a nugget of density comes into your experience and fussing or fighting starts. You’re inviting them to pause and just give a moment to return to awareness of who they are. And you make sure your perception returns to the still place of your collective awareness so you can help out. We’re laughing because you’re speeding up! You got momentarily clogged in a sticky, muddy lower vibration, and it felt horrible. In inviting yourself and everyone to stop and regain the still center, you’re stepping out of the mud into that very fast-moving place, a place where nothing needs to be controlled.

Try turning your perception upside down. When you do not throw cloaks of fear over the simple and very loving pulses from Home that never end and are You-beyond-the-body, things can move very quickly. They don’t need to be controlled by a separate you. Separate-you adds mud to the recipe. Mud slows things down. Separate-you depends on time to have that chance to coat impulses from Home in fear. Whole you expressing through the body is not compelled to spray all impulses from Home in a coating of separate-self-control. Separate self-control slows things down and puts them in the mud where it appears separate-you has to dredge up something also separate called effort to make something happen. When you allow things to happen through you, that feels better.

You do not enact disorder or think it into experience when you allow the Love you are to flow through you and see that Love flowing through all others. Their bodies would not be what you call “alive” if they didn’t have Love flowing through them. How it looks to you may seem distorted in this experience, but that is up to you.

If, instead, you approach the ones you call others with curiosity as to how you will see the Love flow through them to you, because you know who they truly are, then that’s what you will bring into experience. You will bring an energy with you that allows people to feel loved as they are. Not as what they do or who they think they are or how they have dreamed up an appearance that others find acceptable or attractive–none of that.

You will simply be loving who they truly are in this moment. You will be loving what they always have been. You will be loving what they could never change, no matter how much effort they put on top of that.

Let’s look at a curmudgeon for a moment, because this is not about being nice. A curmudgeon might complain openly about others and be downright rude, but it still may come from a very loving place because they are plainly speaking out against what people are not. They are simply telling it like it is. If you are judging them for being unkind, the part of them you can’t see is is the part that is inviting Real You to come out to play in a field beyond judgment.

The same for someone shouting at you in frustration. If you put an overlay on their words that judges them as unbalanced and unkind or even victimized by their poor, poor minds, you are unable to meet them in a field of play beyond judgment. When you become able to do this, to allow that supreme and loving playfulness to come through you, you have no idea of yourself. You do not know what you’re going to do or say next, but you know it’s wonderful and can be trusted. What you truly are can be trusted. What they truly are can be trusted. What comes up between you in that space of allowing is very, very healing.

Take a moment to be with this. All insults (the ones that arise about you and others in your head and the ones that are voiced by others) are actually invitations to transcend the false self. They can never be about anything other than a false self. Imagine you are holding a Barbie doll in your hand, and someone comes at you insulting the hell out of that Barbie doll.

It’s actually a very distorted invitation to drop the false self–what you never were. That’s why they have this impulse to tear it down. Now drop the Barbie doll. You haven’t died, we promise. You just dropped the doll.

At a certain point in your development, you picked up the spray gun of fear to separate your perception of others, give you sense of individual control, and make you feel powerful. It seemed like a good deal because people around you seemed to believe this spray gun of fear was something you had to have on your person (as your person) at all times.

Much like cell phones, no? There are teachers and playful signs everywhere. As much as you are able, remember playfulness. There’s no need to enact a fake version. Just remember this mode of expression and how enjoyable it is. Invite it in. Enjoy it when it shows up. Not the kind of playfulness that leaves you as playful and others as grim. It’s the kind of playfulness that reaches out and connects with the playfulness in the other.

Feel the lightness and release when playfulness meets playfulness. This is how we release each other from the impulse to enact disorder. For now, you mainly view enacting disorder as fighting, causing overt harm, that sort of thing. You are also starting to see it as enacting lack, enacting being harmed by another, enacting suffering related to a physical body, either one in ill health or one that has been damaged due to another or due to actions of one’s own separate self.

At any point in the time you have created–at any point–you can awaken to your role in creating that drama. You can relax into that drama. You can begin to take your lines and stage directions from Love, the playwright that gives the drama a happy ending, an ending reflecting Truth.

Currently, you are still playing the role of an action hero. See that fear gun in your hands? You use that to coat all impulses from Home in fear, the medium that gives you your separate-self experience here. All disorder and drama ensue from that.

First, you learn to listen. You hear Love’s stage manager feeding you lines and stage directions. You experiment with enacting those instead. But the habit of holding onto and operating the fear gun is so strong, you almost don’t know how to do anything else. It is who you perceive yourself to be. It is the cause of who you perceive yourself and all others to be.

You still operate that thing, but you know you’re holding it. Then you get to a place where you rarely pull the trigger, and when you do, you know you’re doing it.

Audience, please arise from your seats and walk to the theater next door. We are switching analogies. The little walk and new seat will give you time to adjust. All settled? Thank you. We proceed.

The gun was not held in your hands. It was wired into your brain. You accepted and mimicked brain activity at a very young age, of those around you within this experience. Yes, the body is no more real than fear is, but we can use the experience of the body, the shared belief in the physiology of it, to lead you to where you are and where you always have been.

As you accept a change in physiology, unthinkable to you before because that’s who you thought you were, the brain fires differently. The brain stops consulting the imaginary friend of fear to make the roadmap it follows. People undergoing great struggles with the body are simultaneously yearning toward the truth of who they are and fighting with all their strength against finding out.

You can learn from them as they find out. Or you can find out first and help relieve them of the impulse to enact disorder. The only way you can help relieve someone of the impulse to enact disorder is to learn how to stop doing it yourself. Wouldn’t it be silly to expect them to do what you yourself are not demonstrating?

Audience, you will find busses outside. We’re going to have milk and cookies!

Okay, did everyone get a cookie? Yes, yours is gluten-free, yours is vegan, yours is non-GMO, and yours has every bad thing in it the others are denying. I promise you that each of you has the cookie meeting all of your requirements. The same goes for your beverage. To the breatharian, don’t worry. Even though it seems very real, it’s only a metaphorical cookie. Perfectly safe for you. The cookies are exactly the same, and yet they meet each of your requirements beautifully. Isn’t that wonderful?

We brought you here to the park, into the light, to enjoy a snack with each other so you can see each other, appreciate each other, and to know truly that any judgments about each other that are rising up are coming from fear, from the false, from what is not you, and they are obscuring your vision.

If you stop, for a moment, your vibration speeds up, you get out of the mud, and your vision clears. Stop for a moment as often as you need to. At first, when you stop for many moments, others may call you depressed. Remember that it’s an honor and a privilege to be one who stops. You don’t have to tell anyone else about it. You are their chance and their invitation to stop, too. Stop with as much grace, dignity and love as you can, as often as you need to. Others who have learned how to stop will understand what you are doing, and they will see you for who you are.

Once you have learned to stop, you will begin to see fear operating. You will begin to see yourself with your finger on the metaphorical trigger as you spray impulses of inspiration from Home with a coating of fear in order to continue your experience of conflict here, in order to continue your experience of feeling separate and therefore possibly superior or inferior.

After you begin to see, you will start to hear. You will hear the lines of script and stage directions delivered by fear. You will hear the lines of script and stage direction delivered by Love. You will notice that you feel great when you choose Love’s script and horrible (but what you may have formerly experienced as satisfied or triumphant or victorious) when you follow fear’s script.  Your ability to know the difference depends upon your ability to feel, so you will come to value feelings.

You will begin to see through the confusion of emotion. You will respect the basic forces of nonjudgmental attraction and repulsion, and it will be easy for you to go where they lead. It will be easy for you to say your lines because you have accepted your identity as Love. If you have accepted your identity as Love, you now accept the other guy is Love, too. From this perspective, anything at all is possible, and it is a joy to create with each other.

If you want to know, if you really want to know, the choice is yours in every moment. You can choose fear or Love. All apparently “outside” circumstances are only opportunities to see through what you have collectively created here. Nothing is more powerful than seeing. Once you see, the action is automatic.

Photo by Z H on Unsplash


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