Focus on the light

Time to take a look at the bad guys again. Before we go into this too deeply, recognize that if you’re looking at another guy as the bad guy, there’s some way in which you find yourself to be a bad guy, and you’re sitting on it really hard. Up and outs are always really good things, so you might want to invite that little guy out to play.

But back to the guys who look really, really bad, it’s not possible for them to actually be more evil than the love they truly are. If you could think of them as a roleplayer, caught in hypnotic sleep, that’s the best way to see it.

Let’s pretend there is a Schedule for Awakening. The so-called bad guys are show up later on the schedule than you do. That’s the only difference between you two. They let you go first.

Until you go, and really go–I mean, really wake up to who you are and who everyone else is, people you will be tempted to call “bad” will send out a steady series of calls to awaken. They won’t let you forget your promise to go first.

This means that you can’t have an enemy. Sorry, but you can’t. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.

When you made the innocent error of toggling so far into fear that you created an experience of near-total amnesia here in this Earth drama, there was always a safety net there for you. The “bad guys” are part of this. They are part of what will help you to awaken to how very connected all minds across time and space are.

As you awaken, you stop judging individual evildoers. (Remember, evil is “live” backwards–only very deep confusion.) It doesn’t mean that you condone actions considered to be evil. It just means that you learn how to love your brothers and sisters truly–all of them.

How you think of them is very important. All minds are touching at all times. When you believe in someone and think well of them, they have an easier time staying in touch with the good-feeling side of themselves and expressing love to others. When you believe that individuals are very much to blame and quite likely to do wrong, you get what you ask for in this experience you are creating collectively. Your mind pulls unstable minds further off balance. In the process of thinking this way, you undermine your own stability.

(This even applies to Earth history–all minds across time and space–but that’s a focus for another post.)

Instead of looking at individuals and making decisions about them, look at what is between individuals. How does it feel? Is it expansion or contraction? Is it enjoyment or pushing against? How does your mind contribute to what you perceive between people?

If you are able to see people as the love that they are, no matter how many layers of confusion seem to obscure it, you are sounding the call to awaken from your mind to theirs. You call them to the love that they are. You are doing the same for yourself. Whatever you focus upon is magnified in your experience.

It is possible to look at an individual who seems very unstable and see right through all the layers to the very bright light they are. When you see this light, you call it to you through them. You call it into your experience. This is not anything you have to do or focus upon for prolonged periods of time. Your job is not to spend time trying to change others or control others. Your job is simply to see them clearly for who they truly are every time you think of them.

There is the surface of the Earth drama, and then there is the true identity of all the game players. At this point in the timeline, most of the game players are so committed to the game that they have almost completely lost touch with their true identity. We say “almost completely” because it’s not possible for them to completely forget who they are. There is always a feeling spot in everyone that is resonant with love. It’s not possible for that part of them to become inactive. The body would not be alive otherwise.

If you see them as the love they are, you see yourself as the love you are. The drama comes into focus as being very much on the thin, thin surface, and the true identity of all shines brighter than any spark from the Earth drama possibly could.

Your job, your opportunity, and the gift available to you in every moment is to focus upon the Reality that will express itself within this illusory experience simply by your awareness of its presence and predominance.

Photo by Darren Bockman on Unsplash

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