From release into allowing

It feels like people all around me are going through significant cycles of release. I’m releasing too, so I’m revisiting the process of release to sink a bit deeper into it.

Negative emotion is what you aren’t coming up to the surface for release. Once you realize that, it becomes feasible, possible in your daily experience, to appreciate the surfacing of negative emotion.

You know you feel better once you have released what is there to release. It’s a good opportunity.

Negative emotion is an ego pattern of the past. It surfaces and can tempt you to act upon it–to let your words and actions have that negative emotion as their foundation. It’s getting easier and easier to see through that temptation now.

When you do not yield to the temptation ego offers, you have a moment to feel the emotion purely. There is no threat here. You can be curious. What does this building block of my identity, something to which I have willingly clung in the past–what does this feel like?

Okay, bad! It feels bad!  That’s clear. Think of it like a taste test.

Now that you have clarity, you remember the only button you need to push. You simply remember your willingness to release that which doesn’t work for you. You (as an individual) are not the one who releases. You get in touch with your willingness, representing the Whole you actually are, and the willingness takes care of everything. You simply allow everything else to follow from the willingness.

This brings you into harmonic resonance–your willingness to allow the Whole to express itself through the body-mind you call yours.

Now, here’s where going a step further than we have before in this process of release: If you can see the process of release for what it is, you can also see how it is simply allowing. It’s allowing the Love you are to sweep through you and wash away all that you aren’t.

We’re talking about mastery of allowing here. Once there is nothing left to release, there is nothing blocking you. Life simply is the process of allowing for as long as you express through this physical body.

There’s no separate you hunkering down and hiding from your shared identity of Love anymore. There’s simply an allowing. At first the majority of what you allowed was release–cleaning out the attic so you could participate actively in true communication among beings.

Now enough has been released so we’re able to talk about the true communication and flow that is brought into form when you set down your separate identity and become divinely curious about the wonderful things that are going to come through you, your sisters, and your brothers.

Photo by paul morris on Unsplash

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