Time to get greedy

We have mentioned gift exchanges before, and we’re going to mention them again, and we’ll be mentioning them again, until you get divinely greedy for all the gifts your brothers and sisters can offer you, all the treasures each situation offers you. We think it’s just splendid when children get excited and display this kind of “greediness” during your Christmas season. Be this excited all the time. Be this curious to see what you’re going to get. When you’re so open and willing to get, you’re also that open and willing to give. It can never be any other way, no matter how it appears on the surface.

The getting we’re talking about is simply receiving–it’s true openness from one being to another. It’s an act of love. When you’re open to receive, you’re doing your part to bring the true information superhighway into being. The internet is only a reflection of your real mind-to-mind connections.

When your approach to everyone is primarily curiosity as to how Love will express itself through them today, you have transcended your judgments about individuals. You have substituted confidence that the Love we are will express itself here in form, so it does.

But how will you know when to walk away from people? Without defenses or an ability to decide about someone’s quality, how will you keep yourself safe?

The neutral forces of attraction and repulsion guide you to wherever you need to be to express the Love you are, to receive the Love you are, in every moment. When feeling and hearing what these forces would tell you becomes primary in your awareness, fear and personal opinion have taken a back seat. Instead, you put your attention on seeing and releasing anything that would block your awareness of where attraction and repulsion would lead you.

As you get better and better at this, you feel better. You walk in a clarity that you are able to share with others, no matter how circumstances and events appear. In a sense, you become a walking, talking resolution (benign force that resolves conflict), and the force of attraction around what seems to be a separate physical body assists others in the same endeavor.

Be greedy! Receive all these gifts that are so readily available from your brothers and sisters right now, when you know how to see them. It’s the only way to give.

Photo byΒ Nathan AndersonΒ onΒ Unsplash

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