My imaginary friends say I’m imaginary, too

I refer to the nonphysicals as imaginary friends sometimes, and they are quick to laugh and remind me that I am imaginary, too. It’s always a very helpful reminder.

We are projected out into consciousness in differentiation, in joy. We come from the one Love that we are. “Where” we are, we choose express Love, and Love only. “Where” you are, you choose to use fear as a medium of experience that would seem to separate you from the Love you truly are. It’s not the differentiation that you experience as the problem. It’s the moment by moment choice to use fear as an experiential medium that keeps you married to a sense of conflict and threat.

None of you can truly marry anyone when your primary choice is fear. If you believe it’s possible for you to ever be truly threatened by another, if you believe it’s possible for you to ever truly be in conflict with another, you are married to fear. This is not to say that in form here on Earth, you should be married or not married. Everyone is perfectly positioned now, within their current life circumstances, to awaken to who they are.

The grand adventure we are sharing with you is our plan–our plan, the plan you already made with us–to bring you into the experience of full harmony while expressing through a physical body on Earth.  From there, you can share this experience with others and bring harmony into form. You’re changing the game while playing it.

The physical body was originally made as a medium for the expression of fear–an invented experience designed to obscure awareness of unity and love. Fear is the agent of separation and conflict, and you used it intentionally to have a particular kind of experience.

While your experiment with fear has been quite successful, resulting in years and years and incarnation after incarnation spent choosing fear primarily, there was never any chance that your experiment could be 100% successful. This illusion was always destined to pass away, and you are now in the active phase of allowing it to pass away.

Not just you, of course. It’s you and many, many others. The ways in which they are awakening are beautifully varied, so as you awaken you can share aspects of your awakening with each other to speed the process along and make it easier.

Think of a person who seems very unlikely to awaken any time soon. That person holds a key to your own full awakening, so if you see them that way, as the holder of a great and valuable gift, you see them correctly.

In seeing them correctly, you invite the harmony you are and the Love that you are out to play here in form.  Just as you imagined fear into existence, you will use that same power of imagination to see past differentiation and return to harmony. Our roles are imagined and created. The firm foundation that is the source of imagination can never be anything other than Love.

The physical is projected from consciousness into experience. It looks and feels very real, but it can never be more real than Love. There is no circumstance here on Earth, while you are playing roles birthed in imagination–there is no experience that you cannot meet with the Love that you are, the Love that everyone is.

Photo by Valentina Yoga on Unsplash

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