Inviting Love

Here’s a fun one. Take a look at the words you speak.

From where do they come? How are they brought into experience? They come on the wings of an invitation. The invitation is based on perception. Are you perceiving a world that is threatening, in which fear is a protective force? Fear’s words come to you.

Are you perceiving a world based upon Love, no matter how it looks on the surface? Love’s words come to you.

What experience are you inviting into your now moment? You’re going to see the words and actions of all the people around you colored with the experience you have invited. You hold the paintbrush.

What happens when someone who sees through the surface to Love meets someone who is looking at the surface of fear and believing it is real? Love is always more powerful than fear, and while Love may be apparent in words and actions, it can also be communicated mind to mind without the merest flicker of an eyelid.

In order to consistently see through this surface of fear that you all have brought into experience here on Earth, you must remember that Love can shine through and into everything. Love can shine through every person, without exception. Love can shine upon any situation, without exception, Love can blossom within the center of conflict. In fact, conflict is one of the situations that brings up within you a desire to experience the Love that you are. This is how conflict serves.

Every experience here serves because it can be seen as an invitation for Love to come into it and make itself apparent. Whenever you say any situation at all is a terrible shame and shouldn’t be happening, you have decreased the likelihood that Love can blossom within it and show you how to transcend such situations.

Take this very, very slowly. It’s a shocker at first. Let’s look at an example of a child who was abused. Of course you want to say that the attack (already complete, in terms of time), shouldn’t have happened. When you live in a world in which threats and harm are very real experiences, you want to push away what you don’t like, or you want to hide from it.

That event can be seen as an enactment that both souls knew about before they began expressing in their respective bodies. Again, go very, very slowly with it.

Look at these two souls before they re-enter Earth experience. From the soul level, they understand that they got very lost in previous incarnations. They are going to attempt to stay awake to who they are, but if they can’t, there are various roles of conflict they can enact to give themselves and all others who witness them the opportunity to wake up to the predominance of Love.

They had a deal. The deal was this: If we’re not awake to who we are, we’re going to enact a demonstration that will rattle us. It will rattle anyone who witnesses it. It will make it abundantly clear that we’re not functioning well here, and it will send many of us on a hunt to figure out what exactly is wrong.

If you don’t argue with the conflict that was supposed to happen to launch you and others into your own awakening, then you don’t interfere in the process of that awakening happening. This is not to say that you do nothing when a child is abused. It’s only to say that if you stop on the way to judge, blame, or condemn, you’re turning down your chance to be the expression of Love that views this situation and steps forward to serve in whatever way is necessary.

Just Love. Whenever you are able to set the struggle aside, Love is able to reach all through you.
Photo byΒ Mathilda KhooΒ onΒ Unsplash

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