Show up with curiosity

Let’s say you’re in the presence of people who seem to be judging or blaming. They are talking back and forth, and you see this happening. Notice the ping-ponging back and forth of meaning. Here in separation consciousness, you assign importance and blame to separate things that seem to be able to have harmful effects upon each other.

Notice that final layer of meaning-making, though. If you are seeing the people talking and judging them, you are the one labeling them as judgers and blamers.  If you are able to find anything wrong with that, they are merely reflecting back to you what you have the opportunity to release. It takes some practice to see it this way, but it’s well-worth your attention.

You have the opportunity. It’s a wonderful opportunity. It’s always an honor and a privilege.

Your opportunity is to see yourself as you truly are–Love, beyond all definition. Love cannot be separated or chopped up. It can express itself in many different forms–yours and theirs–but you can’t make Love other than what it is. It simply cannot be opposed, and it is what you are. It is what they are.

So what to do, what to do? What comes next? What attracts you? What calls to you? What comes to your clear mind when you have gotten all of those judgments out of the way? Isn’t it an interesting and wonderful opportunity to show up as the unknown, the vast and kind mystery?

You’re in this situation, any situation, and people are talking. If you show up as the expansiveness of the unknown beyond all judgment, the Love that you are calls to the Love that they are. Won’t it be interesting to see what arises in that space?

If you think you know who people are, what their tendencies are, what their judgments are…prepare to be surprised.  This takes a little practice, too–allowing yourself to show up as anything (whatever is needed), allowing them to show up as anything. In the process of calling this experience to yourself on a regular basis, you will drop all self-protective mechanisms. They only preserve your pain and tension. It will be too clear that you don’t want them.

Remember, all minds are touching all other minds across time and space, always. You can receive assistance and magnification of your experience of all that truly is just as easily as you can magnify the experience of density, stress and tension by retreating into what seems like a separate mind with its separate and self-protective judgments.

When you find your way to a genuine thank-you for each being involved in a situation, for what they are sharing, for what they are showing you, you don’t have to control situations by attempting to push them this way or that way. You’ll simply see opportunity and respond, see opportunity and respond. On the outside, it may not look drastically different, but it feels very different. The more you feel this sense of harmony and appreciation, the more you invite it out to play wherever you are.

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Show up with curiosity

  1. Beautifully worded. I attached to it, and now it has attracted to me. Thank you for taking this opportunity to share, as I have now taken this opportunity to receive. Interesting. Fascinating. Expansive!

    Liked by 1 person

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