Remember your willingness

If you’re new to this blog, the italicized is personal, and the regular font is more of a channeled message. I don’t “go anywhere” when I receive it, but it’s more like a pure listening and typing out. Most of what I write is in the form of this listening, but I have a lot to say on the personal side today.

Oh my goodness, have I been crying a river of tears. I think it’s an important thing to acknowledge on the spiritual journey. Both laughter and tears compress and release us–much like the process of birth. One of the most helpful things I was told is that they are equal, and we can give thanks for however the process comes to us. Even though people sometimes find laughter inappropriate or even though there is such heavy shame around tears, they are a spontaneous gift, every time.

As we learn to release what we don’t need, we may find ourselves very weepy in general. Many, many creations–films, art, speeches–move me to tears. Something resonated when I encountered that beautiful creation, and it helped me release what I don’t need in order to allow Love to flow through me more freely. Every time, it’s a gift.

Think about what a beautiful friend you can be if you allow yourself to cry freely, so you can allow others to do the same. It’s a wonderful gift to give someone–a safe and loving space to release.

Yesterday I felt such intense density, and I hadn’t in a while. It was hard not to judge it as a defect, an error, a mistake. But I cried. I let it come when it did. When my husband came home, he said, “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.” Lightbulb! Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are two of the most intense holidays around for me. For a very long time, I felt as though I could feel so many minds out there anticipating, wondering, waiting. How will someone demonstrate their love for me? Will it be enough? I deserve it! Or I don’t deserve it! Or I’m so alone. Or I’m lacking something. Or…just a lot of pain. I hadn’t yet discovered the wonderful gift of mirroring. I didn’t know I was being given two great cleansing opportunities every year to release inner dreck. Spring cleaning days.

All I knew was that holidays can feel very intense.  Early on, my husband and I agreed not to fuss over holidays. Neither one of us likes pressure or the idea of performing or even faking, but we both like inspiration. We agreed to follow inspiration and natural expression regardless of what day it was. So that’s a big sigh of relief on the personal front, but I still feel all these feelings.

Now I understand the gift I’m being given. I am freaking out much less about mind-to-mind connections, the intensity of that, what I might receive. I understand now that if I am not at peace with what I am receiving from another mind, it means that my false self is resonant with it, and I am still holding that false self close as my own. This is a good moment for

What a wonderful character Gollum is, and what a great portrayal of how we cling to what makes us miserable. We have everything to gain from what we’re willing to release on this spiritual journey. Gollum can be our playful reminder. Are we my-preciousing? Are we crouched and huddled over?

So back to my big two–Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Oh, who am I kidding? The Fourth of July was also very intense last year. There’s a big gathering at a park near my house. 😊 Anyhow, what do I want to give to those minds I can feel and hear? Love, of course. The free flow of love feels beautiful. It never feels like an imposition to connect if it’s only love flowing from me.

If I feel a connection but then the expression of love feels blocked, that feels horrible. That’s why I feel horrible. It’s not because I am being invaded by other minds. I’m always connected to them, and so are you. We feel. We hear. We sense. These moments are my opportunity. What feels best is the free expression of love through me, all the time, in any situation. When something in me resonates strongly with anguish from another mind, I’m sensing that blockage and have an opportunity in that moment to release it.

This is the opportunity. That thing I don’t actually want is being highlighted, and I am being given an opportunity to release it. It’s a gift more valuable than chocolate. I can’t believe I just said that. But I think I believe it. (Shock!)

You do see this now, but you are still free to enjoy chocolate. Go ahead, have a little dance with the molecules in chocolate.

That was actually fun, and I hope people reading this don’t think I’m crazy. I get regular invitations to dance with molecules, and they always feel good.

You didn’t even have to eat the chocolate.

Your willingness to release what comes up for you on a regular basis is going to make this less of a tidal wave situation.

The more you release, the more you are strongly in touch with the natural and neutral forces of attraction and repulsion that place you where you should be in every moment. We say this to reinforce the sense of safety and support. Flinging your mind wide open to every other mind across space and time can sound dangerous, but it’s not really a choice. It’s the way it is already. When this comes into view for you, the most functional thing you can to is to accept all the healing you need to respond to your mind-to-mind connections lovingly.

The key to loving response is remembering your willingness. You truly need do nothing, in the action sense. You take the false self, the suffering self, out of play here. You simply remember your willingness to release that which does not serve you or anyone else, that which is not you or anyone else.

Here’s what generally happens when you remember your willingness:

When you take your false self, the controlling one, out of play, nonphysicals are able to assist you with the process of release. We are always here for you. There is never a moment when you are not surrounded by our love and support. When you remember your willingness to release, you simply join us. You are open, and we can take from you what you don’t need. Your hands are off the precious, and we can remove it.

Once we’ve removed what you’re willing to release, you experience a spaciousness and lightness. You are coming to experience this spaciousness and lightness as yourself. The more you are willing to release the density that is not and never has been you, the more you invite in the light, spacious experience of who you truly are, who everyone else truly is. Once you know everyone as they truly are on a more consistent basis, they begin to express themselves that way in form.

What do you think you and those other minds shared?

Oh! Release! 

It can be helpful to remember that mind-to-mind connection as you release into the lightness and the spaciousness because minds share. Isn’t it wonderful to know? You don’t have to heal anyone, not even yourself. You simply accept the healing that is always there, and it is always shared. The sharing is the magnification, and it’s wonderful to experience.

In other words, happiness spreads. It’s that simple.  Remember us whenever you feel the density of suffering. We are always surrounding you with our hands open, waiting to receive. Today is a wonderful day to celebrate the love you are, the love everyone else is, the love dancing in every molecule, and the love that always surrounds everyone, regardless of circumstance.

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash
I selected today’s photo to communicate the lightheartedness of the nonphysicals always surrounding us, and also to show what the open mind-to-mind connection feels like when we accept the healing that is always there for us.  Thanks to Park Troopers for such a wonderful image.



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