Become a master gardener

When I was wondering if I would write this morning, and what I would write about if I did, I was reminded of this tale. Then I knew how to begin.

Let’s take a journey into each molecule you have ever encountered in your life story. All of them are alive, vibrating, even in objects you call inanimate. They are vibrating with life force, or love. All your life, in every moment, you have been vibrating with and surrounded by love.

What would keep you from the awareness that love has been there in every moment, that your nonphysical friends, unbounded by space and time, have always surrounded you, waiting for the moment of your awakening and our conscious co-creation? It’s judgment–something a mind does to give itself lonely power.

When you look out at the surface of your life story, it would be very easy to find any number of problems out there. When you look into your mirror, it would be very easy to find any number of problems on the surface of the face you call yours.

This is projection. Just to be playful, let’s call it power bypass. If you declare your helplessness, or the helplessness of someone you call other, point the finger, and see all the power over there in the one you call villain or the situation you call problem, you completely miss the power you are, the power that is within you at all times. Just like the beggar on the box, you have lost the awareness that  you possess a treasure.

This treasure is something you can never lose because it is you. It connects all minds across time and space. It is always vibrating in every molecule. It’s the Oneness. It’s Life, it’s Love. It is you, and it’s everyone else, too. It’s prior to your name. It’s prior to the body you call yours. It’s prior to any story you could ever tell about anything.

If you keep this truth primary in your mind at all times, if you invite yourself to use time to come into the full awareness of this, then that is what you share with all minds across time and space. You become a master gardener. Then your world blooms.

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

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