What populates a calm space?

Every day, you have a disordered thought. And then you recognize something doesn’t feel right. In the past, you would throw yourself into action or distraction to obliterate the discomfort of that thought. Now you are doing something different. You are inviting it in for tea.

When you sit with it, you look at it, not in comparison to anything else in your world, but just as a mystery. You ask it questions. Where did you come from? What do you want to tell me? But then there’s no one there.

The ocean arises and carries that thought away. It’s not you, and you know that now. The times you feel the worst are when you are attaching to thoughts that aren’t you. Thank those negative emotions for showing you so clearly when you fall into old patterns.

They are no longer comfortable patterns. In fact, they are excruciating patterns. Excruciating. See the reference to crucifixion? Take up your cross and follow me. There’s no point in crucifying a false self–the one you call yours or the one you call other. Allow the ocean you are to arise and wash away what you don’t need.

You are immense. You are powerful. The unified You that includes everyone and excludes no one is the answer you have sought every time you have had a question. If you simply allow it expression through you…

…terrible things will happen. Because I won’t be in control. So nobody will be here to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Hear that? Hear the cleverness of the ego arising? When anyone at all is predicting doom, especially yourselfstop and listen to what past disordered thinking has brought to your door. Take responsibility for it. You are always able to respond to that which is false because you are not the false. You can always encompass it and dissolve it in the Wholeness that is You. In Love.

Let’s sit down and have tea with Terrible Things Will Happen. Whoops, there’s no one in the chair. Because Terrible Things Will Happen depends on a consistent vibration of anxiety to take its phantomlike form.

Let’s have tea with I Won’t Be in Control. I Won’t Be in Control sticks around for a while. Then you remember that control is. The smoothness of function, the harmony that the idea of control represents to you, already is. You know that. You can see it. It’s what is waiting to arise in the world you project. This fundamental order can be expressed through you into the world, and from your mind to all other minds across time and space.

It’s a vibrational stew. Right now there is a lot of ping-ponging reactivity in the vibrational stew, and the world reflects that. When any of you allows the ocean that is the collective Self to arise within you, washing away everything that is false, the power of what your mind shares with other minds is immense.

It’s not mind control. The only way one separate mind controls another separate mind is within the dream of disorder that you project. You can project an experience of that happening if you want.

Now you know that’s optional, so what comes in the place of separate-self-control? Allowing. When you allow, the ocean arises and washes away the false. The happy dream replaces the fearful dream. It emerges.

What do you want the basis of your action to be–order or disorder? You can feel the difference between them now. When you know your mind is in a state of disarray and agitation, take the time to allow it to settle. Be curious about what will come into that space.

There’s no insistence there. There’s no anxiety there. What populates a calm space? Find out.

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “What populates a calm space?

  1. “There’s no point in crucifying a false self–the one you call yours or the one you call other. Allow the ocean you are to arise and wash away what you don’t need.” This is a wonderful reflection, to me, of the Law of One. Self and Other Self.

    The being we knew as Christ always says “There is never a reason to panic.” And I always remember that when the negative ego creeps in with fear-based thoughts. I remember that all is well—this is just an experience in separation for the purpose of expansion—it can be no other way.

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